He Was Horrified With What He Saw After He Pulled Over This Van.

A life and death situation is the most serious situation any of us can face, and here’s a story where police are surprised with what they find when they pull over a driver.

On a bitter cold December morning in Idaho, police sergeant Justin Klitch and Officer Grady pulled over a van for a routine traffic violation on Interstate 90. But that stop became much more than routine. It became a matter of life and death.

When they approached the vehicle, they quickly noticed a female in the passenger seat was bruised all over. In the back seat was a 2-year-old boy, also with a significant amount of bruises. So more officers were called out. Another baby in the car appeared to be OK, but officers were very concerned about the little boy and the woman, so they rushed them to the hospital.

Officer Grady accompanied the youngster when he was then transferred to a pediatric hospital. He spent a significant amount of time in the intensive care unit, and it took an emotional toll on the police officer.

Says Officer Grady: “This is the worst case of this type of situation that I’ve run into. I’ve been to many fatal crashes, I used to work for a different department. Went to a lot of domestic violence situations. I’ve seen people injured, I’ve seen people hurt, but I’ve never seen this before. So I don’t know what the toll is going to be.”

The man driving the van was not implicated in the abuse, however, he was arrested on other charges, including possession of meth. Doctors at the hospital told police that if it was not for them, the young boy would have died from excessive trauma.

We can only hope the person who did this to the toddler and the woman was arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

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