HEARD’S HORROR: Depp’s ex-wife breaks down in court as she recalls alleged sex assault in detail.

On Thursday, Amber Heard labelled a supposed sexual attack that took place during a three-day-long bout between the couple in 2015 in Australia. Amber alleged that when she reached in Australia to join her hubby after not sighted him since their marriage, Depp blamed her of deceitful on him and the fight broke out between them.

Amber was in tears during her testament and said that at one point, she don’t want to do this. She looked in his eyes and do not see him anymore. She felt like it was not him and added that she have never been so scared in her life.

She continued saying that Depp supposedly ripped off her nightdress, pulled her across remains of cracked glass on the ground, unclothed and constantly hit her. The afterward thing she said recollected was being bent over on the bar with her chest up and something inside her.

She said that she thought Depp was punching her and she sensed this force. She told the jury that she felt this force on her pubic bone. She added that she seen around and saw all the wrecked glass on the ground.

She said that she didn’t know if the bottle he had inside her was broken.

Amber then alleged that she went inside a toilet, puked then took two sleeping capsules and when she woke-up, Depp was writing on the walls with blood from his finger that was supposedly wounded after she toss  a bottle of liquor at him.

Amber’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, inquired her later what Depp was saying to her in the course of the supposed sexual attack. She told the judges that Depp said it to her over and over again that he will kill her.

The attorney also exhibited her photograph of an alcohol bottle and Amber grew nervous. Amber said that she did not identify the bottle he had supposedly used until the defence revolved over a snap a few days earlier that portrayed it. Though Amber hadn’t seen the bottle that he supposedly used but she said she identified it from its outline.

Throughout the scandalous bout that left Depp lost a portion of his finger, he supposedly threatened to slice up Amber’s face.

She said that Depp got a bottle in his hand and he threw it at her and added that at some point, he had a wrecked bottle up against her face and he told her that he would carve up her face.

Amber claimed her ex-husband had been abusing elements at the time of the bout. Depp has also blamed her of physical and emotional exploitation. 

A representative for Depp said that Amber did certainly deliver the enactment of her life in her straight investigation in a Thursday testimonial.

The representative said that while Amber’s stories have continued to raise fresh and suitable details but Depp’s memories have persisted precisely the same all over the six excruciating years since her first accusations were made. He said that Depp’s reality is the same no matter the setting in which it is has been presented. He further said that the forthcoming cross examination from Depp’s team will be utmost effective and will surely focus the many misconceptions Amber has now tried to pass off as fact during the course of her complex testament.

Depp is prosecuting Amber for $50 million over a 2018 op-ed she penned claiming she was a prey of domestic ferocity. Amber countersued him for $100 million, blaming him and his earlier attorney of devising to abolish her status in a sequence of insult drives.

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