Hearing Impaired Girl Goes Into Shock When Santa Claus Did This.

Christmas isn’t a Season! It’s an Emotion! & A Christmas Gift from Santa isn’t a lifeless thing! It is something you long for & you get it!

Sadie Adam, a six-year-old girl, was astonished when she received an early Christmas treat, when she went to meet Santa in Westminster, Massachusetts on December 6.

You may wonder what is so special about it? Every child gets stunned by the Christmas treat given by Santa. ho! ho!…….Please have patience!

Well! Sadie isn’t an ordinary child! She is a special child! What gift did she receive from Santa? What was so special about it? Was it a toy? Clothes? Chocolates? None of these things that can impress an ordinary child can impress Sadie because……Sadie is hearing impaired.

What did Santa give her that made her ecstatic? Sadie Adam was stunned when Santa started signing as she walked up the steps towards him.

‘She literally stopped dead in her tracks, and she just stared at him,’ her mother Ronelle Adam told. She continued & said, ‘I instantly started tearing.’

In a scene that would remind you of Miracle on 34th Street where a young deaf girl is extremely happy when Santa signs with her, Sadie asked Santa for gifts – a baby and a kitchen – not by writing on a paper but by using ASL and he understood what she conveyed perfectly.

‘I am glad I was able to communicate with Sadie,’ said Westminster’s police chief Salvatore Albert, with a never-before-amazingly-satisfied look.

The police chief Salvatore Albert has played Santa for 15 years in the town.

‘It was amazing to see the smile on her face and her wide open joyous eyes, when she realised that Santa knew sign language like her.

‘I am going to try to learn more next year,’ remarked the police chief excitedly.

It was a well designated plan. Albert had actually been working very hard on the plan with the guidance of Sadie’s mother, Ronelle Adam. Ronelle had asked Albert if he would be able to learn sufficient signs in order to communicate with her daughter directly without a mediator.

‘She sat with me for about an hour,’ Albert said. ‘I practised it for three days,’ he continued.

When he met Sadie – and had used the right signs – he was moved to see the sparkle in her eyes & felt very happy.

‘Santa knew my name,’ Sadie screamed enthusiastically soon after the meeting. ‘He knew how to sign it. I told him what I wanted – a kitchen and a baby,’ she continued.

Her mother said with a face glowing with joy, since then Sadie has been talking about it non-stop. Albert said for the first time in his life, a parent had approached him with such a novel request.

‘I was very happy to be able to do it,’ he said cheerfully.

The story taps your memory lane & reminds you of a scene in the 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street, in which Kriss Kringle, played by Richard Attenborough, signs to a deaf girl, played by five-year-old Sami Krieger, to ask her what she wants for Christmas.

Doesn’t this go to prove that REEL LIFE is nothing but a reflection of REAL LIFE?

Just a thought! It’s interesting to see that Deaf people can function in the hearing world very well, while hearing people cannot function well in the deaf world! Shouldn’t we try to change this?

A suggestion! Schools should teach children sign language instead of foreign languages, because Not everyone is going to travel abroad but anyone can become DEAF! Hmm! ..You are……INSPIRED…….You want to become deaf friendly, Huh! Very easy! Learn ASL!!!!!!!! You will enjoy it! Sign Language is a dance with words! & You can understand when a hearing impaired says, “MY EYE IS MY EAR & MY HAND IS MY MOUTH”

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