Heartbreaking Story Of The Man Who Tried To Save His Dog.

For some people, their pets are their lives. And they would do anything for them… even die for them, and here are 10 stories where people actually died, or came very close to it, while trying to save their pet dogs.

1. 34-year-old Garvin Brown headed upstate in New York for a well-deserved relaxing weekend with his fiance, Leeyana, and their dog, Rudy. But when he let Rudy out early one morning, the 4-year-old German Shepard mix darted toward a partially frozen lake and fell in.

Garvin panicked, as he quickly ran inside to tell Leeyana that Rudy was drowning. He then ran to the lake to save his little friend. Garvin managed to pull Rudy from the lake but then he fell under the ice himself.

When Rudy came back without Garvin, Leeyana called emergency crews. The local fire department searched for hours before finding Garvin’s lifeless body. Leeyana had just given birth to their son two months before.

2. Patricia Connors was 66 and a great-grandmother. One day, while traveling with her husband and nephew on the M4 near Cardiff Gate in South Wales her dog escaped from the car. When she ran after it, she was struck by a Ford Transit van and pronounced dead at the scene. Her dog also died.

Now as much as Patricia apparently cared for her dog, she did not have a lot of respect for humans, as she, her husband, Patrick, and nephew, William, had abducted two homeless men and forced them to work as slaves. The men were held captive by the family for 7 years.

3. Jacqueline Watts, 33, was an animal advocate in Indianapolis. She was reported missing early last March, and she was last seen chasing a small dog along a river in Columbus. Her body was discovered the next day on the water’s edge. An autopsy revealed that she had drowned. The dog’s body was also discovered near her.

Says one of her family members: “At a young age, Jackie developed a love for animals. To say that this was Jackie’s passion would be an understatement. If she believed that she could help an animal in need she was going to do so without hesitation. We know that Jackie gave her life for what she believed in.”

4. 26-year-old Mudit Dandwate had been driving through a forest near Karnataka, India, when he and a friend decided to exit the car with their dogs. The dogs ran away and jumped into a nearby lake.

Mudit ran after them and jumped in to save them. As he reached out to one of them, a crocodile attacked Mudit and ripped off his left arm. His friend rescued him and got him to a hospital. The fate of the dogs was not known.

5. 28-year-old Kate Mason of Stafford County, Virginia, loved people and loved animals. In early April Kate was driving along I-95 when she ran off the road and crashed into a guardrail. Her pug Stella jumped from the car and ran into traffic. Kate, frantic, ran after her beloved pet and was hit by a car.

Kate loved animals of all types, and her family asked that donations be sent in her memory to the African Wildlife Foundation.

6. In Bensalem, Pennsylvania, an unidentified 39-year-old woman had just managed to escape her home during a raging fire. But as soon as she realized her pet dog was still inside the house, she ran back in to to rescue it. She did not make it back out to safety.

7. An unidentified man in his 60s died while he apparently was trying to save his dog after it had fallen through a partially frozen lake in southeast London.

The incident happened this past February, when temperatures had quickly dropped to 28 degrees. It is not known if the dog survived.

8. A family’s motorhome caught fire in Amity, Oregon, last November. But the mother, 37-year-old Honey Cosgrove, managed to wake and get all of her five young children out of it before anyone was hurt.

Once all the children and Honey and her husband were safely outside and away from the fire, one of the children, 8-year-old Nevaeh, ran back into the motor home to save 11 newborn puppies.

Honey quickly ran after her daughter to save her from the fire. Both Honey and Nevaeh perished in the blaze.

9. 11-year-old C.J. Udall had Down Syndrome. But he was such an active youngster in Mesa, Arizona. The young Boy Scout was reported missing by his family in March of 2014, and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department quickly launched an air and ground search.

When he wasn’t immediately located, police focused on a nearby canal. Rescue divers discovered his body about four hours later. Police said CJ was apparently chasing his dog that had escaped from the family’s fenced-in yard when he fell into the canal. The family’s dog was located a short time later and was not harmed.

10. Early one morning this past February, in Baker, Louisiana, 28-year-old Rhykem Rogers took his gun and pointed it at a dog owned by his 23-year-old girlfriend, Cherish Smith. But Cherish jumped in front of the dog to save it, as Rogers fired what turned out to be a fatal shot.

Cherish was hit in the stomach and was rushed to the hospital by an unidentified person. She died a short time later. The animal apparently was not harmed.

Two weeks earlier, Cherish had given birth. She also leaves behind a 3-year-old. Rogers was charged with negligent homicide and illegal use of a weapon.

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