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Heartbroken army vet forced to separate from K9 partner sees dog again 2 yrs later.

Cila was paired with US Army veteran Jason Bos in 2008.

Cila, often known as CiCi, is a chocolate Labrador retriever and explosive detection dog. The lovely dog is skilled at her job, but there was one issue. Cila didn’t pay attention to anyone. That is, until Bos arrived.

No one could work with this dog, but she listened to him, Bos said. He is not sure why she listened to him. Perhaps it’s his inflection, perhaps it’s his personality.

They instantly became friends and worked well together.

Through more than 100 missions in Iraq, their primary duty was to look for roadside explosives and hidden weapons depots. They undertook a variety of additional operations in addition to searching for bombs.

They’ve done some pretty great stuff together, Sgt. Bos told in an interview. The President and Vice President’s Secret Service missions. They performed at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte as well as the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.

When they weren’t working, Bos spent time in Cila’s kennel playing with her.

When Bos was wounded in 2012, the two were separated.

His back pain from training prevented him from doing military-required tasks. He had to depart, and Cila was sent to a new handler.

Cila kept working while Bos returned to Michigan. During their time apart, Bos admits to being upset since he didn’t know whether he’d ever see Cila again.

Their friendship was revived, though, when Bos spotted a Facebook post.

Cila was supposed to retire, according to the post. Bos had first dibs on adopting the dog since he was her previous handler. Bos was approached by the kennel master at his old post, and he already knew the answer to his query.

Bos asked the American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue for help to make sure the reunion went well. The groups paid for Cila’s flight from Germany to Chicago.

Many of these dogs are unable to return to their handlers, and he is one of the lucky ones, according to Bos.

After a nine-hour journey, Bos and Cila reunited.

When she got out of the aircraft, a very delighted Bos yelled her name. Cila pounced on her ex-handler-but-always-best-friend. She was rolling and panting her way across Bos. Cila had returned home after years of protecting lives.

She has spent her entire life working, and now it is time for her to think about nothing but rest, according to Bos. He added that it means the world to him.

Cila will no longer be involved in bombings or missions from now on. Couches, balls, snacks, and walks with her closest pal are all she does.

The touching reunion may be seen for yourself in the video below.

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