Her Boyfriend Undergoes Makeover, But No One Expects Stunt He Pulls After Seeing New Look.

Claribel is very fashion-oriented, but her longtime boyfriend, Brandon … not so much. As a matter of fact, he’s extremely laid back with long hair and the most casual of clothes. So Claribel took him to the Rachael Show, where she wanted him to get the makeover of his life.


She loved him regardless, but she wanted to see him in a whole new light, and Brandon was certainly willing to oblige her. So when Rachael’s makeup artist Gretta Monahan got done with Brandon, she assured that audience that their jaws were going to drop.

And sure enough, as the new Brandon walked past the “old” picture of himself and onto the stage, jaws, indeed, dropped. He was now so clean-cut, with a nice, new suit making him look all the better. And Claribel could not hold back the tears.


She LOVED her boyfriend’s new look. But Brandon didn’t just come on to the Rachael Show to get a makeover. He had something very special that he wanted to ask Claribel. So when Rachael urged him on, saying “You seem speechless, but you’ve gotta have something to say.” At that point, Brandon got down on a knee and asked Claribel to be his wife. She was stunned by his proposal, but she accepted.

Watch Brandon and Claribel’s charming story below. It’s such a storybook romance!

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