Her Last Wish Was To “Die Beautiful” After Losing Her Battle To Cancer.

When a person is dying, it’s customary to try to fulfill their final wish if at all possible, and here are 9 stories of last wishes.

1. 20-year-old Racine Pregunta of Davao City in the Philippines had been fighting the tough fight against the bone cancer, osteosarcoma. But she knew her days were numbered. So she told her family that she wanted to die beautiful and they started to make those special plans for her.

Racine lost her battle last April 18, and every planned detail was carried out. She was given special makeup treatment and put in an off-the-shoulder white dress wearing a floral headband.

She was then placed in a white coffin and then buried on top of her father’s burial plot. She wanted to die beautiful, and that she did.

2. Clare, a mother of two, was diagnosed with an incurable disease… and she was dying. The 39-year-old had been married to her husband, John, for 11 years. And she truly loved him. She loved him so much that she knew he would need someone when she was gone, and their 10- and 7-year-old sons would need a mother figure.

She even went so far as to set him up on dates with some of the nurses caring for her. But John was much more focused on his wife.

A few weeks later, Clare passed away. And John was devastated. But after a few months passed, John began seeing other women and eventually kept his promise to Clare, as he remarried and brought love back into his life… and another mother figure for his children.

3. Hospitals have rules. And you never want to get a nurse in your face, shaking her finger at you and going mmm-mmm-mmmm. So you better follow the rules. And one of those rules, at least in my neck of the woods, is that you don’t bring animals into the hospital. Period. Hospitals are reeeeeal tight about that. But some rules were meant to be broken.

David King was an elderly man dying from cancer in a hospital and he had only a little time left. He missed his small dog, Lil Fee, and his family often brought him pictures of her. And he would smile when he looked at them. But it just wasn’t the same.

So his nurses, knowing David didn’t have much time left, told David’s wife to put the little dog in a big purse and they would meet her at the entrance to help her sneak Lil Fee up to see David. And David’s wife and the nurses pulled it off.

They got Lil Fee to David, and when he seen her, he started moving like he had not done in some time. A few days later, David died. But with the help of some caring nurses, he got to spend some good time with his little dog before passing on.

4. Young Filip Kwasny’s mother died from cancer when he was only 2 years old. And now, 5 years later, little Filip himself was dying from leukemia in a London hospital. His last wish was to be buried next to his mother so she could look after him in heaven, he said.

But there was a problem. His mother was buried in Poland, and it would cost more than $6,000 to make little Filip’s wish happen. When his father’s friends found out about this, they started a fundraising campaign, with a goal of $6,500. When the campaign ended, it had raised more than $41,000.

So Filip got his wish after he died, and was buried next to his mother. The remainder went to his father, who suffers from Spina Bifida, diabetes, hypertension and has only one kidney, and is unable to work.

5. In Queensland, Australia, Jacob Karratts and Tania Miller were starting to plan for a big wedding next year. Then, doctors told them that their little girl, Paige, had only a few days to live after they discovered a large tumor in her brain. Their hearts just dropped. Little Paige was only 4. How could this possibly be happening to her?

The tumor, doctors said, was the size of a lemon, and there was just nothing they could do. What does a parent do when they get horrible news like this? The only thing they can do: Tell her they love her and ask her if there is anything in the world that she wanted, because whatever it was, they were gonna make that happen.

Well Paige wanted only one thing: To see the two of them get married.

Phone calls were quickly made, and the very next day, at the hospital, little Paige served as the flower girl during her parents’ wedding.

6. In China, Liang, an 11-year-old boy was dying of a brain tumor. He was a gifted student and the tumor was discovered when he was 9 after getting dizzy and being taken to the hospital.

Just before Liang died, his final wish was that his organs could be donated to help others. And just after he died, surgeons and medical staff gathered in the hospital hallway and bowed to the boy’s body, as his mother wept in the background.

Within hours, his organs saved the lives of others.

7. In Fresno, California, 60-year-old Clifford Herbert was homeless and he was dying from brain cancer. When a woman named Jenine offered him a blanket to keep warm on a chilly night, he thanked her for her kindness and told her his story.

He only had a few weeks to live and all he wanted was for a good person to adopt his dog, Baby.

Touched by his story, Jenine started a GoFundMe page and quickly raised enough money to get him off the streets and into a motel.

And Baby was quickly adopted by a woman and her young children. Clifford was extremely thankful to Jenine for all she did for him.

8. In Phoenix, young Bopsy was dying of leukemia, and his mom knew it was just a matter of time, and that he would never grow up to be the man he could have been.

So one day she took his hand and asked him if he ever thought about what he wanted to be once he grew up. And he told her he always wanted to be a fireman when he grew up. Well later that day, she met with a fireman and told him about her son. She asked if it would be possible to give him a ride in their firetruck. But the Phoenix Fire Department did a little better than that.

Three days after she asked, Bopsy was picked up by the firemen and given his own uniform – in his size – and even a helmet… a real one. Bopsy then went out on three fire runs with his new friends, and he had the time of his life.

A few months later, as Bopsy was living his last day, his mom called the fire department and asked if a fireman could come to the hospital to be with the family and Bopsy as he passed. But, again, they did better than that.

In 5 minutes, fire sirens were heard at the hospital, and a minute later, a fire ladder was extended to Bopsy’s third storey window, and 16 firemen – including the chief – climbed through his window to hug him and tell him they loved him.

As Bopsy’s life was fading, he asked the chief, “Am I really a fireman now?” The chief replied, “Yes, Bopsy, you are.” The young boy then closed his eyes and died.

9. Marshall McClain had survived 60 combat missions in Vietnam. But now, he was fighting a battle he just could not win, and doctors said he only had a few days left. His mind was on other things, though, like waiting impatiently for him and his wife, Tracey, to be approved for the adoption of 11-month-old Alyssa, whose mother had given her up. It’s the only thing Marshall wanted.

Their attorney was doing everything he could to make it happen as soon as possible. They had already had temporary custody of the little girl, so why was it taking so long, they thought.

Early on, he would bounce her on his leg while sitting in the recliner and sing to her. And he loved her. So why was it taking so long? Because now he was in the hospital… and he was slipping away. Suddenly Tracey got the call to get to the courthouse and she and the little girl appeared before a judge to make it official.

Tracey quickly called her older daughter at the hospital and said “Tell your dad we got her,” and the official stamp on the adoption decree read 12:09 p.m. Marshall was told, and he died at 12:17. 

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