Hero dies saving man who fell off platform during knife attack: ‘He should be in God’s glory’

While many were celebrating the New Year, a group of teenagers got involved in an incident at a subway station in the Bronx, New York, that left one wounded and another dead.

A 38-year-old guy had been waiting on the platform at approximately 2:40 a.m. and was apparently inebriated and “making a nuisance,” blowing a “New Year’s horn,” police claimed.

A band of adolescents approached the 38-year-old guy and displayed a knife and began attacking him, and at some point the assault victim fell on the subway rails.

He shattered his arm, although it’s uncertain if he fell or was pushed. Then a train arrived.

A kind stranger then rushed onto the tracks to assist the wounded, unidentified victim. Roland Hueston, a local, was killed when he was hit by a train.

The 36-year-old was acclaimed a hero for risking his life to assist the wounded who was not hit by the train.

The group fled the area after the attack, but were recorded on surveillance cameras in the subway.

The sufferer was transported to the hospital, treated, and discharged shortly thereafter.

Basilia Paulino, the mom of the survivor, said she was distraught after discovering what had happened.

Later that month, a 16-year-old boy and two 17-year-old boys were detained in connection with the incident, facing accusations of murder, robbery, gang violence, and assault.

Then, on Friday, 19-year-old Noel Rosado was detained in connection with the event on suggested charges of murder, manslaughter, robbery, gang assault, and assault, according to official data acquired.

I pray that all individuals guilty for this heinous act are apprehended and harshly punished.

My heart goes out to Roland Hueston’s family and friends, whose noble efforts in assisting a stranger cost him his life. He is a real hero, and he should be recognized as such.

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