HEROIC RESCUE: Off-duty Border Patrol agent saves Uvalde students, daughter during shooting after ‘help’ text from teacher wife

As per a source, an off-duty US Customs and Border Patrol agent rescued hundreds of students locked inside Robb Elementary on Tuesday when his wife, a fourth-grade teacher at the school, told him that there was an armed person.

She wrote, Help, I love you. At the moment, Jacob Albarado was getting his hair trimmed.

He grabbed a shotgun from his barber, who accompanied him, and went to where his wife and second-grade daughter were sheltering in the school. His 8-year-old little girl was trapped in a restroom, while his wife was beneath a desk with her kids in their classroom.

The news of Albarado’s rescue comes as concerns continue to be raised about law enforcement’s conduct to the shooting, especially why it took an hour to kill the shooter.

At the moment, the alleged gunman was besieged inside another classroom with the 19 pupils and two instructors he shot.

While a CBP elite tactical squad planned to apprehend the gunman, Albarado worked with other police to extract as many youngsters as possible. He began by saving other kids and instructors in the area where his wife had indicated their child was sheltering.

Two additional armed cops protected him throughout the evacuation, while two more assisted the youngsters and instructors in reaching safety, according to the publication.

“Naturally, they were all frantic,” he continued. When he arrived at his 8-year-old daughter, he hugged her and escorted her to safety before continuing to help rescue others.

Nevertheless, officials said a Border Patrol tactical unit stepped in and killed the shooter about an hour after he entered the school.

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