He’s been in foster care for most of his life. At 13, all Tim wants is a chance to be someone’s son.

Many of us who were lucky enough to grow up in a loving home frequently take our parents and those who cared for and raised us for granted. This young boy’s story will remind you not everybody is that fortunate. Tim, a 13-year-old from Texas, grew reared in the foster care system. As an adolescent, all he wants is to be addressed as their son.

Tim joined the foster care system when he was just three years old. For whatever reason, he is still there after ten years. Now a teenager, he went on Wednesday’s Child, a local Dallas news program, in the expectation of finally finding a family to adore him. Tim is so desperate to be adopted that his caseworker flew him from another area of the state simply to be a part of the program. All he desires, he stated on the show, is for someone to name him their child.

Tim is currently residing in a residential treatment program for foster children. He has lived in several foster homes, but none of them have been stable. Tim says that he is well-behaved and that a potential family will have no difficulties with him. He stated of his performance at the center that he is an angel at home.

Several images of Tim as a youngster were shown on the broadcast. One of him entered the system when he was three years old. Another when he was seven years old. You can see his enormous, brilliant, dazzling blue eyes in that shot. Tim still has those large blue eyes, as the newscaster remarked out, although they are looking a little worn these days. This is due to exhaustion. He is tired of being moved from one placement to the next and longs for a family that will give steadiness, consistency, and, of course, a loving home. He claims he has problems sleeping at night as a result of this.

Tim, as previously said, simply wants a family that loves him and will not abandon him one day. He wants a family that will not just nurture him till he is an adult, but who he will be able to call “family” for the end of his life. A location and individuals he can call his own. He stated, he know he wants a mother and father.

He wants to meet somebody compassionate, kind, and understanding in a mother. He is aware that moms are typically concerned about their children since they adore them. Tim wishes to find a mother that cares about him like the ones he’s seen on TV or that his classmates have.

He is looking for a dad that can be his superhero. Someone who will play catch with him and teach him what it is to be a man. A dad who can serve as a role model for him and whom he may look up to.

Finally, Tim would appreciate having siblings in his family. He has lived the majority of his life alone. Tim’s ideal would be to have siblings and sisters to play with, get into trouble with, and support as they grow up.

Having a loving family, at the end of the day, means freedom. Tim has the freedom to develop, learn, commit errors, and achieve success in life. It implies no more worrying about where he’ll go next and what he’ll do when he’s 18 and no longer eligible for foster care. It also indicates that, unlike in the foster system, he’ll have a family that believes in him. One who adores him as much as he adores them, and who will stay at his side for the rest of his life.

“Freedom.” “I have the freedom to go out the door whenever I want, and they don’t have to worry about whether or not I’ll return because they know they can trust me,” Tim added.

May Tim find a caring home soon.

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