High-Performing Employee Gets Offered A “Lateral Promotion”, Learns It Comes With Just A $1 Raise.

Source: Reddit

I’ve worked for this company for 8months. In that time I have completely revamped my department from one of the worst ranked in the company to one of the best. I did this completely on my own for the first 5 months. A month ago my immediate manager came to me and asked me if I’d be interested in a more challenging position at our district office. This “promotion” would be great for my career and she couldn’t picture anyone else capable of fulfilling the requirements for the role. It felt nice to receive that level of recognition and I agreed to meet with the district manager about it.

The meeting was set for two weeks out. During this time I researched the position within the company as well as similar jobs at similar companies. I came to my sit down completely prepared. The district manager made it clear immediately that this was informal and the job was mine. Then I told her what I considered a reasonable salary expectation (mid range based off my research) she scoffed and said that “this is a lateral promotion” and the best she could do (after talking to her boss for approval ) would be an extra $1 an hour.

I turned in my notice. They can spend twice what I asked for in replacing me.

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