High School Boy’s Response To The Cashier Kindness At The Ice-Cream Shop Is Worth Reading.

So I used to work at an ice cream chain where we prepared the ice cream with various toppings on a frozen piece of rock.

On this particular day, I was working with one other person and it wasn’t too busy. Two young guys came in, about high school age. They ordered a large bowl of ice cream with a few toppings, I mixed it for them and went to ring them up. I’ll use use G for guy, since I really just talked to one of them.

Me: Okay, so that’ll be $x.xx

G: Okay, I have a giftcard.

Me: Great! scans card so it looks like you owe another $0.36 after the giftcard.

At the point, they both look at each other and shrug sadly.

G: Oh…I’m sorry, I don’t have any money with me, never mind….

Me: Oh hey, it’s cool, only $0.36 I take the $0.36 out of the tip jar and put it in the till no big deal!

G: Wow, thanks!

The two guys leave, and I thought that was that. Felt good doing something nice.

So the one guy comes back several hours later. I saw him come in, and went to the register to meet him.

Me: Oh hey! You’re back. Did you need anything else…

Before I finished, and without looking at me once or saying a word, he dropped a $20 bill in the jar and immediately turned and left.

I was so shocked I just stared after him until he walked out the door.

So that was pretty cool 🙂

Source: Reddit

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