Homeless Dog Won’t Stop Following The Bus Until The Driver Adopts Her.

Jaypee Barcelinia got on a bus in Quezon City in the Phillippines one day. A few minutes after she had taken her seat, she noticed something… a dog was running after the bus. Not real unusual, but this dog was just incredibly determined to catch that bus, a determination that captivated everyone riding that bus.

As the vehicle stopped a few times, the dog tried to jump on the back of it, but it would miss. Jaypee suggested the driver just let the dog on board, but he was unsure; what if that dog would bite someone?

In the end, he relented and let the stray dog onto the bus. And once onboard, she did something unusual with all those people around her. She curled up in a shady spot and took a nap… she was exhausted from chasing that bus. It was definitely time for her to rest. But even after completing the route on that bus, that dog still did not want to leave.

So the driver decided something pretty significant that would change a few lives. He was gonna take in that stray dog and take care of her the best he could.

Determination. It sure can go a long way. Even a dog knows that. 

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