Homeless Man Gets Three Job Offers After Doing This.

Homeless people are that way because of any number of reasons. But even though they beg for money, many still have their pride and are willing to help others when needed. Here are 9 stories of the homeless helping strangers.

1. In Manchester, England, an optician named Akbar Abadshah wanted to celebrate his wife’s birthday party big by eating at an upscale restaurant.

But the greeters at the restaurant refused him entry because he was wearing sandals.

Hanging their heads, the couple left, but soon relayed their story to Jon Byles, a homeless man, just outside the restaurant.

So the homeless man loaned the optician his shoes so he could go back inside and enjoy a good meal with his wife. Akbar was certainly humbled by Jon’s gesture, so later, he and his wife took Jon out for dinner.

And when news of Jon’s kindness spread, he was offered a few jobs. Not a bad deal…for a simple pair of shoes.

2. Dominique Harrison-Bentzen was preparing to get a taxi after a night out when she realized she didn’t have her debit card. Then, a homeless man named Robbie offered to give her his last $3 so she could get home safely.

She declined but was so moved by his kind gesture that she started a fundraiser page to help him get an apartment. She also asked people to spend one night out on the street, saying the homeless must do it every single night.

Dominique was able to raise more than $26,000 for Robbie.

3. An unidentified homeless man in British Columbia found $2,400 on a street…and turned it in to police. When people heard of this, they raised $5,000 for him, but he refused it, asking that it be turned over to food providers for the poor.

The man, described only as being in his 60s, said what he really wanted was a job.

4. A female police officer in San Francisco was trying to arrest a woman for jumping up and down on cars when the woman attacked and started beating the officer while also trying to get her gun.

A small crowd gathered around and just started watching, but Ryan Raso, a homeless man, jumped on the woman and pulled her off of the officer. She was then arrested.

Police thanked Raso for helping their colleague and found him a shelter. They also bought him new headphones after his were broken in the scuffle.

5. A homeless man in Tempe, Arizona, was at the railway station when he found a bag full of money… more than $3,000. He could have used it for plenty of things, like shelter, groceries or fixing his bike, which was his only means of transportation.

But he turned it all back in to authorities, who were able to track down the person who lost it. Soon after, the homeless man received dozens of job offers and more than $8,000 in cash.

6. In Thailand, a 44-year-old homeless man, known only as Waralop, found a designer wallet full of cash and immediately turned it in to police.

When the owner found out his wallet was turned in by the homeless man, he offered him a job at his factory.

Says the factory owner: “If it was me in that position with no money I probably would have kept it. But he was homeless and had just a few coins in his pocket and still handed it in. That shows a good, honest person. Just the kind of staff we need.”

And coming with that new job is a new apartment.

7. A homeless man named Gary found a bag containing more than $200 worth of items in it and a new suit and returned it to Lewis Roberts, who left it in a phone box in Liverpool. Gary contacted the store where the suit was bought to track down Lewis.

Lewis was touched by Gary’s kind gesture and posted about it on Facebook. He also created a GoFundMe page for Gary, which raised more than $2,000 in a short period of time. Job offers were also being considered.

8. In Boston, Glen James, who is homeless, found a backpack containing $42,000, and returned it to its owner.

So the owner, Ethan Whittington, set up a funding account for Glen, and in a short amount of time, it had raised more than $250,000.

Glen said he was extremely moved by the generosity of strangers to help him out. Glen was also honored by the Boston Police Department for “an extraordinary show of character and honesty.”

9. In 2013, Sarah Darling of Kansas City, gave a kind donation to a homeless man on one of the street corners.

But the homeless man, Billy Ray Harris, discovered that Sarah’s engagement ring had fallen off into his change cup. He quickly returned it to her.

When Sarah’s husband, Bill, learned of this, he set up a funding page to help the man out and thank him for his honesty, because he could have just as well kept the $4,000 ring and sold it.

People were so impressed with the homeless man’s honesty that in a very short time, that funding page created to help him had raised more than $180,000.

Billy was able to buy his own home and a car, and was able to take on a part-time job. He was even reunited with family members who had given him up for dead.

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