Homeless Man Gives $9000 To A Struggling Stranger.

There are far too many homeless people in the world. But just because someone is homeless, doesn’t mean they can’t help others, and here are 10 stories of some amazing homeless people.

1. In Chicago, a homeless man who panhandles for money, gives nearly all of his earnings to a woman who was quickly down on her luck. The woman, Sandy, had lost her job.. and lost her home. She and her son were staying in a truck and police threatened to take away her son unless she found a safe place to care for him.

A social worker paid for a room at a motel for a few nights, but that was all that could be done. Then, the homeless man, Curtis Jackson, showed up, and kept showing up, to take care of Sandy’s motel bill.

He said Sandy used to treat him with dignity and kindness when she DID have a job and a home. And this was his way of thanking her for that.

2. In Thailand, a 63-year-old beggar who has polio and a speech impairment, donated what amounts to about $25,000 to a temple near Bangkok.

The man, named Aiam, had donated large amounts to the temple twice before.

3. In Langford, British Columbia, a homeless man found $2,400 on the street…. and he turned it in to police. The person who lost the money was quickly found but the homeless man’s honesty led others to start a fundraising campaign for him.

More than $5,000 was quickly raised for him, but he declined it, asking instead that it be donated to a food service for people in need.

The unidentified man did, however, ask for a job.

4. Khimjibhai is a beggar in India, but practically all the money he receives goes to buy school uniforms and books for girls who come from poor families.

He also presented 10 girls with gold earrings, and their families were amazed, not only that he would do that, but because those families had only dreamed of ever seeing gold.

5. Les Wisniewski has no home of his own in Calgary, Canada. But when heavy floodwaters hit the area a few years ago, he was one of the first to start helping homeowners clean up.

Says Les: “I just like helping out cause they’ve helped me out over the years.”

Les was a gambling addict… and lost everything. Maybe everything except his big heart.

6. 98-year-old Dobri Dobrev lost most of his hearing back in World War II, and every day he is out in Sofia, Bulgaria, begging for money. And every cent he collects goes toward the restoration of decaying Bulgarian monesteries.

Money he has donated for that cause has been over 40,000 euros, or more than $46,000 dollars.

7. An unidentified homeless man in Ontario, Canada, won a $10,000 settlement. And he promptly turned it over to a shelter’s outreach program.

An office worker tried to get the man to take back the check, but he refused, saying he wanted his friends to be kept safe.

8. A disabled beggar donated two months worth of money he had collected to help victims of the Yaan earthquake in China.

He said he wanted to do something for his hometown and to help as many victims as he could in a very difficult situation.

His donation amounted to about $155 U.S. dollars.

9. In Charlotte, volunteers at a church help to feed 150 homeless people before church every Sunday. It relies on donations through the church collection plates. One Sunday, as the plates were being counted after collection, an envelope was found with a note on it.

It read: “Please don’t be mad. I don’t have much. I’m homeless. God Bless.”

Inside the envelope…. was 18 cents.

When word of his note and donation got around, many offered to help the man, who remains anonymous. But he refused, saying he just wanted things to be between him, God and the church.

10. In Seattle, a homeless man named Frenchie saved up all year long so he could donate $100 to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Says Frenchie, through some tears: “I look through the world in a child’s eyes… and it’s beautiful and it’s cool, they got a lot of pain and suffering, so if I can do something minuscule to get them through whatever timeframe to just be a kid….”

Frenchie’s extreme kindness did not go unnoticed, as several of the hospital’s children thanked him in writing in cards they made.

And for Frenchie…. that’s priceless.

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