Homeless Puppy Is Freezing In The Night, But He Finds Warmth And Shelter In Nativity Scene.

The holiday season is almost approaching. The streets are lit up with lanterns and lights. Houses are decorated with Christmas trees adorned with ornaments and trinkets, as well as festive décor in red and green. Santa Claus and his helpers are going through the list of who has been naughty and kind this year. The Belen, or nativity scene, is the star of Christmas for our Catholic brothers and sisters.

The Spanish term for Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, is Belen.

Every Christmas, you’ll hear a lot about the Belen, which also refers to Jesus’ crib or manger and is the phrase for the nativity scene. During the Christmas season, large nativity scenes are erected throughout Spain, with the majority of them placed in towns and central areas.

However, in a YouTube video, a dog partly took the attention from baby Jesus.

In 2008, a homeless German Shepherd puppy sought refuge in one of the area’s public nativity displays. Just like Mary and Joseph strained to locate a safe location to hide as Mary was ready to give birth. On God’s calendar, late September and early October is the fall festival season, one of three times a year when families would go to Jerusalem to honor God’s Holy Days.

At this period, Jerusalem’s population grew several times over, to the point of overcrowding. This had an impact on surrounding communities such as Bethlehem, which is a few kilometers south of Jerusalem. Every residence was full as a result of the massive influx of people. Joseph and Mary were ultimately able to find a place to rest – in a manger. Merely as this pup was seeking for a temporary spot to stay just to get through the night.

And the dog found the improvised barn in Brazil to be the ideal place to keep warm.

Mary and Joseph have become the puppy’s parents, reading him bedtime tales before he sleeps. The three monarchs who doted on him while he laid down were like uncles to him. As he cuddled close to baby Jesus, he discovered a sibling. He also received assurance and comfort from the guardian angel who stood behind him and provided him with an unseen covering of protection. Finally, he discovered company in the artificial creatures that surrounded him.

The next day, individuals were astonished to see that a new character had been added to the nativity scene.

He immediately drew attention as he settled nicely in the crib close to baby Jesus. The audience was enthralled by the puppy and the absurd circumstance he had found himself in. They shot images and films of him to be shared on the internet for years to come. It’s amazing how similar the German Shepherd’s journey is to that of the Holy Family. How they both sought shelter in an unlikely spot while attempting to get through the night.

The Christmas season is a time to give. It is time to show empathy to others.

Perhaps, the cute doggie was adopted and cared for by someone with a golden heart. Somebody to shower him with help and affection. A real family that this puppy may regard as his own, a location where he can develop and be fostered.

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