Homeless Single Father’s Life Turned Around After Meeting This Stranger.

James Moss was having a tough time where he was in life. So he moved to Denver with his 1-year-old son, Zhi, to make a new start after being promised housing there by a friend, who also promised him a job. But when James got to Denver, that so-called friend failed to deliver on both of his promises.

So James and his young son were literally left out in the cold. He had no home, no car, no money and little hope. But a chance encounter would soon be coming his way, and it was something he never would have dreamed of. He just happened to meet a man on the street and they had a conversation. That man was Leon Logothetis. Leon travels the globe giving motivational speeches, and his speeches are mostly about random acts of kindness. Through their conversation, James told Leon his story.

He said, “You have to be brought down to your humblest point so you can appreciate other things that are waiting for you.”

Leon was intrigued. He asked James how he keeps his spirits up during such hardship. James told him that his son keeps his fire burning and keeps him motivated to make his place in life. He said he also believed in a higher power putting you through tough circumstances so you can prevail.

Leon thanked James for sharing his story with him. He could see the young man was in pain and was really struggling. So he gave him $1,000 and offered to put him and his son up at his hotel for a week. James was brought to tears. He couldn’t believe it.

The heartwarming video of this was posted on YouTube and had received hundreds of thousands of views.

Kayla Heskett, of Goodland, Kansas, was one of those viewers. She started a GoFundMe page for James and his son, and it was able to raise more than $30,000.

A portion of that went to buy James a car, so he was able to travel to a job he landed as a barber. He was also hoping to buy a camper to have at least something of his own living space with his son. His new boss even allows him to bring his son to work until he can start affording to pay for daycare.

Says James: I never thought a small act of kindness like that would spark such a huge chain reaction. It blew my mind, I’m still in shock.”

And we certainly hope his good luck streak continues.

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