Homeless Veteran Was In Tears Due To The Stranger’s Action.

Like a lot of young people, Kimberly Schintzius of Atlanta was out trying to find those crazy mythical creatures for the Pokemon Go game. Then Daniel Wise approached her and asked her what she was doing. When she explained it, Daniel laughed and said he could understand now why everyone was walking around looking at their phones like that. Then the two started talking.

Daniel was a Vietnam War veteran. He was an older man and was frail…and he was homeless. He told Kimberly he hated to beg, but asked if she could buy him some food. So she went to a nearby restaurant and got him some food. After eating, he asked her for one more thing. A hug. Then he thanked her for her kindness, saying she was one of the few selfless people in a world that “often turns its back on old men like me and pretends we don’t exist.”

Kimberly took a picture of the two of them together and posted it, receiving thousands of likes and being shared more than 800 times. She then started working with Atlanta’s veterans assistance programs to get Daniel some help. 

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