Honest Boy Defies The Umpire Decision Which Led His Team Lose The Game.

How often do you see baseball players arguing with umpires? Often enough, that’s for sure. And 13-year-old Cody Primeaux is no different. He argues with umps. But one particular argument awhile back went viral.

Cody’s Little League team in Bossier City, Louisiana, was tied with its opponents, and then, in the last inning, there was a hit, and a runner from the other team was trying to score from third. Cody, playing catcher, caught the throw and put his mit toward the runner. He was out! The umpire called him out!!

But Cody turned to the ump and told him he missed the runner; that he did not tag him. The game’s lone umpire, Kenny King, looked at Cody and said “What??” And Cody repeated himself, saying “Yes, sir… I missed him.” So, with that, King changed his call of Out to Safe, and that team went on to win the game with that one run on a changed call.

Many might have been angry at Cody for doing that; you just don’t Do that in sports. But his mom could not have been prouder of him, and posted about the incident on Facebook, and it went viral.

After the game, many parents ran up to Cody… parents of kids on both teams… and started bragging on him. And so did the coaches from both teams.

Said Cody’s own coach, David Biddlecombe: “We ended up losing the game on the scoreboard. But that right there, I call it a victory.” 

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