Horror diagnosis after little girl was locked on hot daycare bus for SIX hours

According to authorities, the lone kid picked up was a young girl who was left struggling for her life after being left on a sweltering school bus for up to six hours.

Nevaeh Austin, three, was picked up from her house at 9 a.m. on Wednesday and taken to Le Smileys Early Learning Centre in Gracemere, near Rockhampton. Six hours later, she was discovered unresponsive in the same vehicle. Paramedics were able to resuscitate her and transport her to a neighboring hospital in Rockhampton.

Detective Inspector Darrin Shadlow of the Capricornia Police District said the inquiry was still in its early stages, but it appeared she was the lone passenger. He told reporters on Thursday she appears to have been the sole kid at the time.

The driver and one other individual on the bus had failed to remember she was there when they returned to the center.

According to Inspector Shadlow, investigations show that there were policy violations that contributed to the occurrence, and investigators would be looking at everybody involved in this situation.

He said they will leave no stone unturned in our probe. They have the crime intelligence command, our child trauma unit in Brisbane, and photographic and forensic officers on the site to help them figure out what occurred.

He stated that the day care is “cooperating to some extent,” yet that they “have obtained legal guidance and will be moving down that route.”

According to reports, there was a notice on the bus instructing personnel not to leave any kids on board. On Wednesday night, Neveah was sent to Brisbane Hospital for an emergency deep brain scan and treatment for a failing kidney. Her status, according to doctors, is serious yet stable.

Inspector Shadlow stated that her family is naturally ‘devastated’ and that they are there at her bedside in Brisbane.

Maliq Nicholas Floyd Namok-Malamoo, known as Meeky, unfortunately died two years ago after being left in a hot school vehicle during the morning pick up.

The parallels between the two incidents are startling. Both kids are the same age and were left in the car for the same period of time, with somewhat differing outside temperatures at the peaks. Everyone in the neighbourhood is waiting with bated breath for an update on Neveah’s status, hoping for a different result this time.

Maliq, like Nevaeh, seems to be forgotten on February 18, 2020. He was dead by the time rescue responders arrived after spending six hours on the vehicle in Cairns on a 34-degree day.

Michael Glenn Lewis, a previous center director and bus driver, was charged with manslaughter and sentenced to six years in jail with an 18-month non-parole term.

The center was charged with failing to appropriately supervise kids, to safeguard children from danger, and to take reasonable precautions to verify that papers were true.

Policies were implemented in October 2020 to try to avoid the same disaster from occurring again, with the legislation altered to require educators to complete risk evaluation regarding kid transportation. Inspector Shadlow stated that police had ‘hoped’ not to be called to another incident following Maliq’s demise, yet ‘we are right here’.

It is unknown if Nevaeh’s day care will resume on Thursday.

According to cops, there will be a substantial police presence throughout the week as the examination progresses, but the center is not required to close while inquiries are ongoing. The center was due to open at 6.15 a.m., but it was still not accepting phone calls at 6.45 a.m.

Both the bus and the day care center have been declared crime sites, according to Inspector Shadlow. The bus, which is thought to be acquired by the center, will be unable to operate until the proclamation is rescinded.

On Wednesday afternoon, concerned parents gathered at the school to pick up their children, marveling at how such a simple act as pick up and drop off could go so badly. One mother stated that the school never reached her to notify her of the occurrence, leaving her to learn about it on social media.

A prominent Queensland lawmaker has promised an investigation into the horrible tragedy, as concerns about how the childcare center workers failed to detect the girl’s disappearance begin to surface.

Mr Austin said that she’s the loudest young child, they say she’s the heart of the daycare. The little child was discovered ‘unconscious’ in the van outside the daycare on Lucas Street at 2.50pm, when workers went to the vehicle to make afternoon pick ups.

Jason Thompson, Queensland Ambulance Service’s Central Region operations manager, defined the circumstance as ‘terrible’ for the personnel that treated her and acknowledged he had ‘goosebumps’ just thinking about it.

He said that Queensland Police were there on the site when the team arrived and accompanied the crew into the daycare centre where the little kid was on the floor in the admin area.

On Wednesday, the temperature in Rockhampton hit 29 degrees Celsius. Five police vehicles were stationed nearby, monitoring entry to and from the daycare center.

Authorities are already interviewing daycare center workers, and the white minivan, particularly a seat in the middle of the bus, is being examined.

Brittany Lauga, Queensland’s associate minister for education, stated that this simply should not have occurred and promised an investigation.

Ms Lauga said on Facebook that tonight is a little girl in Gracemere who is battling for her life in hospital after reportedly being left on a bus at daycare. Families need to know that when they send their children to school, kindy, or day care, they will return home safely.

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