Horse Gives UNEXPECTED Reaction To Seeing His Owner One Last Time.

So have you ever noticed that animals can sometimes act like humans? It happens, and it probably happens a lot more than you know. How about horses? Have you ever known them to act a little humanish?

In Brazil, Wagner Lima loved his horse, Sereno. He would ride Sereno, and the two would have a wonderful time with each other. This wasn’t just once in awhile. It was practically every single day.

For eight years, Wagner and Sereno were the best of friends. And then, one day tragedy struck. Wagner was riding his motorcycle one day instead of Sereno and he was in a terrible accident. The next day, he died from his injuries.

Sereno acted somewhat confused for the next couple of days. He didn’t really know what was going on, but he knew that his friend was missing. Wagner’s family knew how much Wagner loved his horse, and vice versa.

So they made sure to include Sereno in Wagner’s funeral services. And when Wagner’s coffin was placed in a vehicle, Sereno did something very surprising. He walked up to the coffin and started making very sad sounds. He could smell his best friend inside the coffin, and he knew he was gone. He realized his buddy had died.

So during his grieving, Sereno put his head across the coffin, as if to hug Wagner one last time. It was his way of saying “goodbye.”

The sight of this caused many of those attending the service to get very emotional. As the pallbearers carried the coffin to the cemetery, Sereno kept whimpering and beating his hoofs into the ground. It was a very touching moment for everyone there.

Soon after, Wagner’s brother, Wando, adopted Sereno and has loved the horse just as much as his brother did. 

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