Housemaid Thinks It’s An Ordinary Day, Until She Realizes Boss Went Behind Her Back & Set Her Up.

For Cara Simmons, it was just an ordinary day. Or so she thought. Cara worked as a professional cleaner, making trips to clients’ homes to take care of their cleaning needs. She worked so hard that she hadn’t had a day of in years, and she was raising three kids at the same time. Exhaustion was just a part of the job.


Then, one day – that “just another ordinary day” mentioned earlier, Cara’s boss sent her to a very important client. When she got there, the woman told Cara they were throwing a big party that night and, even though she had cleaned the house herself, there was still plenty of work to be done.

With that, she had Cara sit down and asked her to taste a seven-course meal that was prepared by a big-name chef. The meal consisted of $4,000 truffles, lobster and even edible gold. Yes, it was quite a meal, and Cara thought it was really weird to be asked to do this.


But she continued. When she couldn’t eat another bite, the doorbell rang, and in walked two masseurs with a massage chair. Cara was told the men needed to warm up their hands, and Cara became the recipient of that on-the-spot massage. Then, the woman of the house took Cara upstairs to the master bedroom and offered her some expensive jewelry. The doorbell rang again and Cara answered it.

It was a moving man with boxes, and Cara’s kids jumped out of the moving truck yelling “Surprise!” Cara was on “Prank It Forward,” and the host, Greg Benson, said that sponsors wanted to kick it up a notch for Cara… and gave her the home she had been hired to clean.


Quite a surprise, indeed.

The surprises didn’t stop there, as she was given one more major surprise for her and her sister. You can see it all unfold (including the final surprise) in the video below:

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