How A Dog Rescued From A Trash Bag Is Now Saving Lives…AMAZING.

Therapy dogs provide comfort to others in times of stress. They truly DO make a difference, and here are 8 stories of some pretty well-known therapy dogs.

1. In South Korea, someone tied up a Golden Retriever’s legs tight with wires, put her in a trash bag and threw her in a dumpster. Fortunately, some animal workers rescued her before she died. But all of her legs, with no blood getting to them for quite some time, had to be amputated.

The dog was soon adopted by a family in Arizona, named Chi Chi and fitted with prosthetic paws. And now, Chi Chi works every week as a therapy dog, giving comfort to veterans, physical rehab patients, those with Alzheimer’s and young children learning to read.

She has overcome the very worst in life to set a great example of doing the very best in life.

2. Ellie, a yellow Lab, was pregnant, but her owners – a woman and her daughter – didn’t know JUST HOW pregnant she WAS until they were at Tampa International Airport preparing to board a flight with her to Philadelphia.

Suddenly, Ellie went into labor, and airport workers and others watched as the miracle happened. And soon, Ellie had given birth to 8 puppies…. 7 boys and 1 girl.

The woman and her daughter canceled their flight out to take care of the new family members.

3. Lulu is a very special dog for people who are sad, because she can actually make them smile. Lulu is a Funeral therapy dog at the Ballard-Durand Funeral Home in White Plains, New York.

The 2-year-old Golden doodle actually can sniff out emotional pain, and will walk up to anyone experiencing it at a funeral and offer a nuzzle to console them.

Lulu’s owners at the funeral home call it an “unexplained phenomenon,” and a very welcome one, at that.

4. Smiley was born into a very bad environment at a puppy mill. And he was blind. But he was soon rescued and went on to be a therapy dog with a wonderful spirit. He served as a therapy dog for his owner, Joanne George, who often posted pictures of him on social media.

And one day, a woman who was contemplating taking her own life happened to come across the pictures of Smiley, and she couldn’t help but smile… then laugh. And, all of a sudden, life to her was good again.

Unfortunately, Smiley died of cancer last October, but Joanne still works to keep his incredible legacy alive with images on social media.

Joanne also recently adopted another puppy… Sunny… Also blind.

5. Harley is another very well-known therapy dog, especially in Greenville, South Carolina. The yellow Lab spends a lot of time at the Shriners Hospital for Children there, where scared and unsure faces lighten up at her presence.

Harley, just like in our previous story, is blind, and when children reach out to her, fears about themselves fade, and their concern is with Harley. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Harley is such a sweet dog.

Says a 16-year-old girl at the hospital: “It’s amazing that without any eyes she can do that. It does show that no matter what, you can get through anything.”

6. Rusty is a big, fluffy dog that wears glasses. Yes, that’s something you just don’t see every day. But the 15-year-old dog volunteers 3 days a week to bring joy and comfort to those at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg.

And those glasses? Rusty’s owner, George Ames, says: “”People ask me why he wears them, and I say because he can and he will. And a friendly canine face wearing glasses is a huge distraction, and it makes them smile. It makes me smile to see them smile.”

Both George and Rusty have been honored and given awards for their dedication in helping others smile.

7. Remington became something of a celebrity for awhile last year while comforting the University of North Carolina’s baseball team. But the 2-year-old Golden Retriever tried not to let all that sudden celebrity go to his head.

Terri Jo Rucinski, UNC’s baseball trainer and the dog’s owner, said Remi is the same happy dog he always Has been.

Remi was in the news quite a bit as the No. 2 seed Tar Heels went into the NCAA tournament. The team, of course, just loved his presence in the dugout.

8. Prince retired some years ago from Portage High School in Illinois after comforting students there for many years. And, with his retirement, it was only fitting that was able to walk with high school seniors during graduation ceremonies, dressed in his own special cap and gown.

But while Prince was considered a loyal companion at the school, his owners traveled with him to Connecticut in the aftermath of the tragic Sandy Hook massacre in December of 2012. Prince was one of many therapy dogs to help comfort children during that horrible time. 

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