How Can You Help A Mother Deal With The Loss Of Her Child? This Touching Gesture Teared Me Up

It turns out, there’s plenty anyone can do. It was at a garage sale, that Valarie Watts shared her story. They had bought a crib for Noah, and things seemed fine for the first few weeks, but it was not to be. Within the last week, Noah was choked by his own umbilical cord and ended up a stillborn child. Watts held onto Noah’s crib to keep his memory.

However, when it came time to ask, Watts relented and sold it to carpenter Gerald Kumpula. Gerald and his own wife decided, when they were on their way home, that they simply had to return the crib, but not in the same form. Watts was truly touched when the Kumpulas gave the crib back to her, now in the form of a bench, so that it could stay in the house permanently. It seemed like a small gesture, but to one mother, it means the world.    

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