How This 5 Yr. Old Kid Helped An ABANDONED Dog With His Birthday Money.

Adults are not the only ones who want to help with great causes. Sometimes, a 5-year-old child can be unselfish for a good reason, and here’s a story where a young one takes the bull by the horns… or, rather, the dog by the birthday.

Tristan Summerfeld is only 5 years old, but he has a way of getting things done. And that’s why he donated all of his birthday money to help Bosco.

Bosco is now a tracking dog for the Ankeny Police Department in Iowa. Bosco, a one-year-old lab mix, can help find lost children, missing persons, and illegal drugs, among other things for the department.

Tristan himself wants to be a police officer when he grows up and when his birthday came up in October, he didn’t want any presents. He just wanted people to donate to the police department’s K-9 fund. And for his last birthday, those donations amounted to $1,500. The city has raised about $30,000 for the fund, since bringing Bosco from a rescue shelter in Indiana back to Iowa.

Says Tristan’s mom: “It’s paying it forward and gifting to the community and the superheroes that we call the police and the fire department and the people that serve.” 

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