How This Bodybuilder’s Friendship With A 12 Yr. Old Girl Is Keeping Her Happy.

Friendship is a funny thing. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. And it can last for a long, long time.

Marines are tough guys…. everyone knows that… and one muscled-up former Marine in California plans to stay a tough guy by lifting weights. And David “The Beast” Douglas is about as menacing-looking as they come. Sure wouldn’t wanna bump into him when he’s in a bad mood. And while David’s physical strength comes from working out, his emotional strength comes from something completely different.

It’s his little 12-year-old friend, Lindsay, who suffers from the rare disease, progeria, which causes her to age about 10 times faster than a normal person.

David even proudly wears a shirt while walking with Lindsay that says “Strong” at the top, and “Stronger” at the bottom, with an arrow pointing to his little friend.

David may look like the toughest guy around, but he sure has a soft spot in his heart for Lindsay, and he even calls her his “little sis.”

The two met at an event sponsored by Hopekids, which pairs body builders with children fighting disease… and against the odds. David even takes time from his busy schedule in California to fly in and surprise Lindsay at her home in Detroit, and the two always share some memorable moments.

And because of David, Lindsay finds the strength to live her life as a little girl as normal as possible.

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