How This Dad Working 3 Jobs Made His Teenage Daughter Cry Like A Little Girl.

Some dads just don’t get near enough credit for what they do for their children… often going well out of their way to get a smile.

This past May, in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, 14-year-old Nevaeha Smith was really looking forward to her eighth-grade dance to close out the school year. And she wanted to look spiffy for the big event in a $200 two-piece floral dress that she’d been eyeing. So she asked her dad if she could have it.

Well, that might be quite a monumental task, Ricky thought to himself, but he told his daughter that he would see what he could do. Dads always want to make their children happy if they can, and Ricky was no different. He was just barely making ends meet by working three jobs six days a week at a McDonald’s, a Popeyes and a Circle K convenience store.

It was a rough schedule, and the money wasn’t that great, but he was doing all he could. To make his little girl happy, though, he would have to do more. So Ricky pushed himself by taking on extra shifts and working on his only day off during the week. And just before that big dance, Ricky surprised Nevaeha with that beautiful outfit she wanted so badly.

When he presented it to her while she waited for him at one of his jobs, she was stunned. Then she jumped up and gave her dad a very well-deserved hug and started crying.

Posted by Kellie Fleming on Tuesday, 12 June 2018

And all those long, hard hours that Ricky worked to save up enough money to buy that special outfit? Well, it was more than worth it to see the joy on his daughter’s face and feel the love from her embrace.

And I’m sure, if Ricky had to, he’d do it all over again.

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