How This Old Man Actually Graduated With His Grandson.

Graduating from ANYWHERE is an awesome thing. And being able to graduate with a family member makes it all the sweeter. And it IS that time for graduations, and here are 10 stories of people graduating with family members.

1. Bobby Lancaster enrolled at Arkansas Tech in 1949, and was there until 1952, when he left to serve his country in the Korean Conflict.

But he finally went back to it and was actually able to earn his degree from Arkansas Tech along with his grandson, Brent Bauman.

Bobby and Brent are both, understandably, very proud of each other.

2. Linda Dancer of Stockbridge, Michigan, lost her husband to a sudden heart attack, and that made her more determined than ever to continue her education for a better job.

40 years ago, she left college because…. well life happened… marriage, kids… all that stuff. But with the loss of her husband, she knew she would not go far on her current salary. So she needed a boost… a college boost.. and she finished what she started.

But on the college degree ride with her at Cleary University was her daughter, Becky. And both very recently graduated together.

3. Last year, 27-year-old Ben Jeanty graduated from William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey with a degree in psychology. But he wasn’t alone. Ben’s 63-year-old dad, Duvinson, a Haitian immigrant who drove a bus for the New Jersey Transit System for more than 25 years, was right there with him, earning a degree in finance.

Ben said he could not have had a better role model than his dad.

Says Ben: “His drive inspired me to keep going despite what challenges I encountered.”

4. Marilyn Adams and her nephew, Christian Adams, took the same graduation walk back in 2016 at Wallace Community College in Dothan, Alabama. The college is even a little more in the family because Marilyn’s daughter, Claudia, is the choral director there.

Claudia said she was very impressed by her mom’s work ethic, saying her mom always expected her children to bring home A’s and she held herself to the same standard.

5. In Ontario, Canada, Jonah Mondloch and his 78-year-old grandfather, Charles Burke, graduated from Brock University.

Jonah got his 5-year degree in Kinesiology. Grandpa went a different route, studying part-time for 15 years and then doubling his load when he knew there could be a good chance for him to graduate with his grandson.

And what a good decision that was for the both of them.

6. A look-alike mom and daughter, Suzanne and Melissa Isaac, shared a walk on the graduation line last year at Swansea University in Wales.

Suzanne began her part-time degree course when Melissa was 16 – and finished with first-class honors in psychology and sociology.

Melissa got a degree in English language.

7. In 2013, at Parkview Adventist Academy of Oklahoma City, Adam Ritchey graduated along with his 85-year-old grandmother, Claire Richey.

Claire had completed grade 11 at a high school in 1945, and she had always dreamed of completing school and getting her diploma.

Well, she no longer has to dream… she’s got it.

8. Jeanine Dinsmore is 61 and a mother of four. She will be graduating very soon with her youngest son, Joshua, from Sacramento State College. It’s a big highlight for both of them.

Says Joshua: “Every now and then we’d run into each other on campus. I said Hi, but I tried not to make it so obvious that she was my mother!”

Jeanine responded: “I made a promise I wasn’t going to embarrass him.”

9. In Gresham, Oregon, last year, Parker McKee and his 90-year-old grandmother, Nita Parker, received their diplomas.

In 1944, complications from an appendectomy caused Nita to miss out on graduating with her class. She got her GED in the ’70s but that just wasn’t the same… she never really felt “complete” with it.

With a little help from the school’s principal, Nita was able to walk during graduation and get her diploma.

10. In Morrow, Georgia, Tasha Oliver enrolled at Clayton State in 2008, and soon found out she had breast cancer… for the second time. Well, she dealt with it… again..and battled back…again.

And make no mistake… THIS time, she was going to graduate from that college…. right alongside her daughter, Cierra.

Mother and daughter both received degrees in healthcare management.

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