How This Shy Boy Managed To Take 5 Girls To Prom.

How kind are people to you? And when was the last time YOU did an act of kindness for someone?

Brodie Smith was 16 at St. Peter’s Catholic School in the West Midlands. He struggled on the social end of things…. some of it due to autism… and the rest of it due to just being a 16-year-old boy. But when the school’s prom came around, Brodie was determined to go, even though he didn’t have a date hanging on his arm. So he put on his cool, 3-piece suit and started walking all alone toward his school.

Now…little did shy, unassuming Brodie know… that his luck with women was about to change… DRASTICALLY! As our young friend was walking, a black Range Rover slowed down beside him… then stopped. Inside were 5 – count ’em – FIVE beautiful young women all dressed up for prom… with no dates. They then asked Brodie if he could get in the car and accompany them… all of them… to the prom.

Brodie Obviously didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so he got in and they all went to the prom together. Just outside the school building, the group posed for pictures, with Brodie looking about as happy as any 16-year-old boy could be. And I can guarantee you that Brodie was the talk of the night among all the other guys at the prom.

Says Brodie’s mom, who was thrilled with the girls’ gesture: “He’s never had lots of friends and was always a bit of a target – the other children would tease him. He used to come home from school and cry, saying, “Nobody likes me, everyone picks on me”. It was horrible.’

So for all the girls who picked up Brodie and made his night, as well as a great lifetime memory…. you are all very beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. 

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