How This Toddler Makes Sure Her Dog Gets Good Sleep.

Trust is a very small word, but it’s an awful big thing. Who do you trust, and why SHOULD you trust them. But at the same time, should people trust YOU? so where do YOU fall on the trust scale?

A big, jarring earthquake can really mess with you. After a 7.0 earthquake hit Alaska, little toddler Ady Leary had tremendous problems sleeping… she just couldn’t do it because she was so scared by the earthquake that rudely awoke her.

She was suffering from anxiety and trauma. But her mom and dad finally found a way to let their daughter get some peaceful rest. They put their 100-pound pitbull, Fury, inside Ady’s crib to sleep with her. And when Fury was put into her crib, the little girl would do her best to make him comfortable by covering him with a blanket and, basically, tucking him in.

Ady would cuddle up right next to him and feel secure, helping her to drift off into sleepland. But when her dad, Kyle, posted a video of his young daughter sleeping right next to a pitbull, not everyone seemed to be real happy about that.

But despite all the negative comments, Kyle stands by his method to help his daughter sleep, emphasizing the dog would never cause any harm to Ady. And little Ady trusts Fury completely with her safety.

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