Husband Abandons Her By Just An Email From Holiday Stating He Was Never Coming Back.

Back in the mid-1800s, Caroline Norton led the fight for women to be able to divorce their husbands freely. Before then, husbands were allowed to lock up their wives, to beat the them, and to take their children away from them. Thank goodness, times have changed, and here are 8 stories of women who did a whole lot better for themselves after a divorce.

1. Jennifer Velardi of Toronto gained a lot of weight, much of it due to the stress of her mother dying. She was at the point of being obese, and her husband left her, simply sending her an email saying he would not be returning home.

Well, that electronic slap in the face turned Jennifer’s life around. Immediately going on a healthy diet and daily exercises, Jenny’s 237-pound body slimmed down to a toned 137 pounds in a short time. Guess she can email her ex-husband a picture of That!

2. Mary Kay Ash… you might know her simply as the namesake of Mary Kay Cosmetics. She was married at 17 and when her husband returned from duty in World War II, he admitted to having an affair, and they divorced.

Now, she went on to do very well for sales companies for many years, but they would never promote her, presumably because she was a woman. So after understandably getting a bit fed up with that, she “retired.”

So Mary Kay, now at the age of 45, sunk her entire life savings – $5,000 – into her own business, a small cosmetics store in Dallas. From there, as we all now know, it grew into one of the biggest companies for cosmetics and skin care.

When Mary Kay died in 2001, her personal fortune had grown to $98 million.

3. Wendy Davis got divorced at age 21, and was struggling as a waitress and worked part-time at a doctor’s office. As if that wasn’t enough, she also attending community college.

Some years later, she graduated from Harvard Law School and won a seat in the Texas Senate in 2008.

4. Betsy Ayala of Houston was 34 and tipping the scales at 262 pounds. Her husband was seeing another woman. She discovered messages they had exchanged, and they were both calling her fat, and cow… and other crude and horrible names.

They divorced, and Betsy began working out and eating right. She lost 100 pounds and looks great! Wonder what the ex and girl toy call Betsy now.

5. Belinda Grashion found herself divorced after 18 years of marriage. She also found herself struggling desperately to make ends meet as a part-time massage therapist.

She was always coming up short on her bills, but she wanted so bad to be a good role model for her two teen daughters.

So she crossed her fingers and answered an ad in the paper for a workshop to make money from properties. Well, that was 19 years ago. Today, Belinda is a multi-millionaire who travels the globe developing properties.

6. When Huma Gruaz got divorced in 2000, she was scared to death because she had no work experience and no where to turn. She had just enough child support to pay her rent.

A few years later, after working for free at a PR agency, she launched her own firm, which now has offices in three cities. She is now making four times what her ex-husband was making when they were married.

7. 37-year-old Rionna Kelly had a stroke that left her paralyzed. And doctors said she would never walk again. Five days later, while still lying in her hospital bed, her husband, a man she’d been with for 14 years, asked her for a divorce. She was devastated, Such a time. Such a crisis….

But very soon after, Rionna had to start taking physical therapy. And her personal trainer was Keith Mason. Soon, they were an item, and now, neither could be happier.

By the way, that silly thing about her never walking again? Well, now she’s starting to walk a little on her own, thanks to Keith.

8. Courtney Waldron was a very pretty gal in Georgia. Then, last September, the 27-year-old mother was burned terribly when someone threw gasoline on a campfire.

She suffered 3rd-degree burns to her face and over 40 percent of her body. Two weeks after she awoke from a medically induced coma, her husband walked out on her and her daughter, saying he just couldn’t handle it.

Soon after, Courtney and her daughter were on the streets, homeless. She could not work because of her injuries. She had to relearn to walk. She’s trying hard to rebuild her life, and her 6-year-old daughter has been with her every step of the way.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for her to help pay the enormous medical bills, and she will need at least 12 more surgeries over the next few years. Friends and family are working together to build her a new house, and Courtney and her daughter are almost totally dependent on donations. She’s determined, and she’s not giving up.

Remember at the beginning of this story I said that Courtney WAS a very pretty gal? Well, let me correct something with that right now. Courtney IS a very pretty gal. She’s actually a beautiful gal. Because, ya know, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, it doesn’t matter if you’ve lost a limb or been disfigured in some unfortunate accident. What matters is that you have heart and compassion for others, regardless of your own personal circumstances. And that you live determined to get through the hardest of times with all of your hope and all of your faith. And, there’s no doubt… you Are a beautiful person. 

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