Husband Didn’t Stop The Car To Pee Seeing Her Carrying A Large Bottle Of Berry Juice.

A relationship between husband and wife is beautiful and at times goes a bit into bumpy roads. Here in this story a husband and wife had an argument. Read the story to know what happened and let us know if you agree with the husband.

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We are not native speakers and neither are we located in the US so do forgive any inconsistencies in the language. Both me and my wife were planning to visit my mother who lives significantly further away from us, it is a 5 hour drive. Before the drive I told my wife to not chug water because we can’t stop every 2 minutes for her to find a place to pee.

She pretended to heed my request and then fooled me by bringing an extra large bottle of berry juice. Then she said that she would be able to control it, and in return I told her if she wanted to pee I wouldn’t stop and she agreed.

Guess what 1 hr into the drive she already feels like peeing, the thing is we are in mid traffic and it would be hard to find a place. Plus, if we constantly made stops we wouldn’t be able to get to my mother’s house even by the evening. The traffic congestion is really bad over here. I roll my eyes and tell her this is exactly why I told her not to drink too much.

Then she goes on to ask if she can switch to the backseat and pee into a spare bottle. I thought that was absolutely disgusting because it obviously will spill and I told her straightforwardly that she can’t do it in my car.

She then gets all pouty and mad and pretends to hug her stomach and exaggerate to fake bladder pain. I eventually did find a place but only another 1.5 hrs later. She was super angry and told me I was “endangering her”, but at least for the rest of the ride she learned her lesson and did not chug too much juice as before.

She came in to visit my mother red faced so when my mother asked and she explained, my mother pulled me aside and told me I was being a Jerk and I should have helped her instead of being rude. I told her that I already advised my wife before but she was too stubborn to listen and defied what I told her. I also thought it was unhygienic to let her pee in my car. Since this is still quite conflicting because I can’t come to a consensus I don’t know if I’m in the wrong or she is. I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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