Husband Feels Loveless And Helpless As Wife Stays Every Weekend With Her Parents.

Being married is a wonderful feeling of having a companion by your side. It’s important to balance one’s relationship with spouses and also with one’s parents. Read the story to know what issue the husband has and what do you think he should do?

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My [M30] wife’s [F29] parents live an hour away and in the weekends, instead of spending time together, she always insists on visiting them and, almost always, staying the weekend. Both of us have hectic weekdays so don’t get to spend time together, so the only downtime we have is on the weekends.

If we don’t have plans to visit, my MIL calls my wife on Saturday morning and coaxes her into coming. This means our plan is almost always cancelled.

Last week, I was unbelievably frustrated when they asked my wife to stay over for a few weeks and I found out just a few days before she was leaving.

I keep getting calls from my wife asking how I am, what I’m up to but I just don’t care any more and don’t care if she comes back home because I know that this will continue to happen. We have had multiple fights over this which always ends with “I thought you were understanding”/”They are all alone” / “They are my parents” / “Things are different in my family”. I’m not saying my family doesn’t miss each other but we don’t have this hollowness that had to be filled each and every second of the day.

Help me process this situation. Been married for a couple of years and don’t know what to do ?

EDIT: a little more background,

  1. Her parents are healthy and independent
  2. My wife is the youngest of three. Her brother, his wife and child live with my in laws and her sister lives outside the country

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