Husband Insists Wife Has A Natural Birth Without Epidural When She Wants A Water Birth, Says His Word Is Final.

It’s no secret that motherhood is an experience that necessitates much planning. After discussing childbearing alternatives with her spouse, the lady in this story who was attempting to conceive found herself in a perilous situation. The woman described how she and her partner got into a heated disagreement when she informed him that she preferred a water birth. The woman was astonished by her husband’s strong stance and believes that the decision on where and how she should give birth was hers. Read the rest of the story and let us know what she should do.

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So I’m not pregnant but hoping to be in the next few months. I have previously told OH I would ideally like a water birth, which he was totally against. He is very much of the opinion that a ‘normal birth on land’ has worked for 1000s of years so why should I want to do something different.

Last night I brought it up again after reading a study that showed water births can decrease tearing and generally improve a mother’s wellbeing during childbirth. He believes that the more pain you go through, the better your bond with your baby, and cites statistics about mothers who have c-sections being more likely to develop PTSD or PND.

It’s like debating with a child. He doesn’t listen to my point of view or really take my feelings into consideration at all in the situation.

“I’d rather we find a woman who will carry your egg and give a normal birth than choosing to “lay my eggs in water when they should be laid in a nest”.”

I mean come on… He basically said if I had a water birth he would never forgive me. I’ve said we can speak to a doctor or a midwife and seek their advice but he is dead set against it and has “had his last word on it”.

Am I being unreasonable to think that ultimately the way I give birth is my decision, and he should have more consideration for how I will feel in this whole thing?

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