Husband Kept Making Hurtful Observations On Her Body. Wife Response Is Just Perfect.

The journey of pregnancy and birth is life-changing, but what’s unexpected is the level of criticism, body shaming—aimed at mothers after the birth of their child. What if body shaming is constantly done by the husband? How would you react? Read the story to know why this wife bursted out at her husband and do you agree with how she reacted?

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So, Ever since I had my son months ago, my husband has started making indirect comments about my body. He never says any hurtful words but I find his “observations” as he calls it hurtful. For example, he’d see me wearing an old top and say “oh that top used to look good on you but not anymore though…” or when he looks at my waist and says “Wow, didn’t know your waist could get this wide!”. Basically passive stuff that I tried to ignore til it extended to friends and family. FYI this went on for months and months and months!!.

We went to a Christmas celebration at his family’s home. My SIL complimented my floral maxi dress and my husband said “I agree it looks nice on you…though I have to admit that your waist could get smaller than this!”. Awkward silence took over. I was absolutely fuming and this was my last straw. So I got up from my chair in the middle of dinner and shouted at the top of my lungs “SHUT THE F**K UP ABOUT MY BODDDYYY!!!!”. He was absolutely speechless as his family stared while some others tried to get me to calm down but situation got more tense and dinner ended up being cut short and my husband storming off to his friend’s place to spend the night upon leaving a very nasty text saying I embarrassed him and made a scene over an “observation” he made. He called me childish and told me to get therapy for my insecurities instead of verbally abusing him and scaring his family.

Now I feel like an absolute idiot a**hole and like I ruined Christmas for him and everybody with my over sensitivity. Am I A Jerk?

What else could I do?

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