Husband Shames Wife For Getting Coffee With Her Friends And Leaving Their Baby With Him

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My wife and I had our first child around 2 months ago. She was home isolated during her entire pregnancy after the 6th month mark because of some pregnancy complications. We had also agreed that the first two months after birth our parents and siblings would be the only ones allowed to visit and see the baby and our friends and rest of the relatives could wait.

As soon as the baby turned 2 months old my wife started trying to get back into her social life again. Sometimes she’d bring the baby with her but sometimes she’d expect me to babysit. Whenever I couldn’t babysit she’d call her mom to ask her if she could care for the baby for a few hours. My wife’s a great mom and she truly cares for our baby but it’s frustrating how she feels the need to go out the entire time.

One day while she was out shopping with a friend of hers, I was babysitting the kid and my mom visited me and asked where my wife was. I told her that she’s out with a friend. My mom got very mad about how my wife went out and she told me I have no backbone for not calling her out and telling her to stay home with the baby. I told my mom I’ll handle this.

My mom waited until my wife got back home and she started scolding her. It wasn’t a proud moment for me and I really didn’t want my mom to get involved but my wife needed to hear it from someone else too. My mom told my wife that she’s irresponsible and that she should cut down her meetings with friends and stay home to care for the kid as a proper mother would.

My wife tried to defend herself saying how I was always out with my friends both during her pregnancy and after she gave birth but both I and my mom tried to explain how me going out is not the same as her going out. My mom told her that the little walks and coffee hangouts with her friends are over and that she better get used to the fact that her social life will now be limited. It sucks but that’s how it is.

I agreed with my mother on all that and my wife has not spoken to me for days. She even sleeps in the guest room now and took the baby’s crib there as well. She will only cook for herself and the baby and not for me. My MIL and my SIL have texted me saying I was a huge AH for this and so was my mom so I should not be surprised my wife is acting like that towards me.

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