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Husband Surprises Wife By Moving Into Her Care Home, Finally Hugs Her Tightly after Months Apart.

This touching story is about Harry Wilsden and his wife, Doreen, who married in 1953. Doreen was just 16 years old when she met and got to know the then-young Harry.

A few years later, the pair married. Doreen worked as a nurse in a Darlington, England, school, while Harry worked various jobs. Harry loved every aspect of his professional life, from working as a postman for the Royal Mail to acting as a fireman for steam engines.

Doreen and Harry, like most couples, stayed together during difficult times. They had two daughters, Christine and Ann, and they got to play with their granddaughter, Laura, decades later.

The parents reared their girls to the best of their abilities and supplied for their every need. Harry frequently told them about his job escapades, his favorite being when he was working as a fireman on a train that came to a standstill in the snow.

Christine and Ann had always witnessed their parents cohabit and encourage one another. They had no idea that destiny would put the pair in a situation that would require them to live apart.

Throughout their more than six-decade marriage, the pair saw many global events. They grew up when there was no internet, and they saw how cellphones and worldwide connectedness transformed everything.

The pair, like everyone else, saw how the current epidemic impacted people’s lives in a variety of ways. Working professionals learned what it was like to work from home, and people were forced to reschedule family gatherings due to the hazards posed by the life-threatening infection.

Despite the fact that the worldwide epidemic affected millions of individuals, a few persons escaped infection. Sadly, Harry was not one of them. When he tested positive for COVID-19, he was 91 years old.

The couple’s family had chosen to transfer them to Grange Care Home in Darlington, England, prior to the diagnosis. Their relatives believed the couple was too elderly to care for one another.

All was going according to plan until the terrifying diagnosis arrived. Harry had to isolate himself after contracting the infection. He was unable to stay with his wife or family, something no one expected.

Doreen went to the care home by herself while her hubby remained in the hospital. People surrounding the pair assumed they would never meet again since the severe constraints imposed by the epidemic.

Doreen and Harry found it challenging to live apart after spending so many years together. They had no clue if they would ever see each other again.

Rather than giving up or feel helpless, Harry remained optimistic and resolved to meet his wife again. Living in the hospital alone let him understand how much Doreen meant to him. Their link had been growing for decades, yet it was strong enough to help Harry heal from his life-threatening disease.

When the doctors confirmed Harry could see his family again, he went directly to the Grange Care Home to surprise Doreen. The 87-year-old woman had no clue the love of her life would pay her a surprise visit that day.

Doreen was surprised to see Harry after nearly two months, and the film recorded the touching moment of their unexpected union. She couldn’t believe he was seated right in front of her as she glanced at his face.

Harry fought to fight back his emotions while his wife tried to identify him. She realized it was Harry after she embraced him. She sat on his lap and inquired: “I’m not imagining it in me?”

Lovebirds Doreen and Harry are reunited, as Harry joins Doreen and moves into Darlington's, The Grange Care Home. #CaringForYourFamily

Emotional Scenes as Harry meets Doreen- A real love story ❤ Well done to the Care Team at The Grange in Darlington who have helped to reunite resident Doreen with Harry, her husband of sixty years. Harry moved into The Grange today, to avoid another day without Doreen. Listen to Doreen, who can't believe it's really Harry ❤ as their family look on. #CaringForYourFamily #CareHomes #truelove #Darlington #Darlo

Posted by Burlington Care Ltd on Tuesday, 17 November 2020

While Doreen couldn’t imagine destiny had enabled her to see Harry again, everyone around them were moved to tears as they saw them reconnect. It was impossible for them, and for the watchers, to keep a tear or two from falling.

Doreen and Harry’s touching story demonstrates the power of real love. The desire to see his wife again aided Harry’s recovery and reunion with her.

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