Husband’s Mom Backout To Pay Half Of The Car Note Every Month, Family Car Is Going To Be Repossessed.

In a marriage a husband’s view or wife’s view should matter to one another rather than anybody else. It’s fine to listen to other’s opinions, however, one must consider what their better half feels. Read the story of a husband ignoring his wife’s concern and readily agreed to his mother’s decision. Let us know what you would have done in the wife’s place.

Source: Reddit

My husband & I needed a new car. We were looking everywhere, comparing prices, looking for something reliable, but affordable. I wanted to go with a used, older car from a small car lot so that it would be affordable.

My mother in law INSISTED that we go to a large dealership that a friend recommended and my husband agreed. We got there and they showed us a really pretty SUV that only had 7 miles on it. We took it for a test drive & it was great. Dual cabin temperature controls, rear view camera, Bluetooth, heated seats, and a third row.

But it was way out of our price range at over $600 a month for the car note. I told my husband to come talk to me outside, and he agreed with me that we couldn’t afford it and that we either needed to either see something less expensive or go somewhere else. Then my mother in law shows up and says omg this car is amazing! You guys need to get this car or I’m gonna get it and you can just consign it. And when I explained to her that we could not afford it she offered to pay half of the car note every month. I told my husband that I didn’t think this was a good idea and we should talk about it more. He completely ignored me and decided to take his mom up on this even though she has terrible spending habits & is generally unreliable. Surprise surprise they both signed for the car, I refused because I didn’t want my name on it.

Needless to say a few months later she stopped paying her half and now our car is probably going to be repossessed. We can’t afford it and my husband is like it’s okay we’ll just get a cheap car from a lot and it’ll be fine. He isn’t even thinking about the fact that this is going to be 10s of thousands of dollars on his credit score. And that since we’re married if we ever want to buy a house or anything like that I’m going to be affected by this too. That he ignored and dismissed my concerns and hasn’t asked or confronted his mom for backing out on what SHE offered. He’s acting like he’s getting us out of this unfortunate situation we just happened to fall into when reality him and his mother put us here. What are your opinions? Am I Overreacting?

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