“I Bought My Son A Great Birthday Gift But Don’t Know If It Will Hurt My Ex Wife’s Feelings.”

When someone close to you becomes another year older, you’ll want to go out of your way to make their day particularly special. In this story a father bought something he felt was the best for his son but wasn’t sure what his ex wife would think about it. Read the story to know why the father felt that and let us know what he should do.

Source: Reddit

My ex wife and I have been split up for two years and my son’s birthday is 2 weeks from now and he will be having a party at her house. I ended up getting a amazing deal on a Nintendo switch with extra joy cons and 5 games and a controller ($600+ in value) and I’m not sure what his mom got him but now I’m not sure it I should give it to him at the party and upstage what I imagine will be a not so epic gift.

To expand upon this there were some issues at Christmas time where my daughter had made mention of wanting to come back to my house for presents that she preferred here. So now I really am debating just giving him the switch and stuff now and explaining it was just a good deal I couldn’t pass and maybe getting him like a soccer ball for his birthday but I’m not sure. What should I do? Would I be wrong for giving such an expensive gift?

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