“I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes”: Woman Returns Home To A Wrecked House, Moves Into Hotel Until Husband Cleans His Mess.

Many couples struggle to find a fair split of domestic responsibilities. While it may appear that all you need to do is divide all the responsibilities in half, the truth is a little more challenging. Read the story to know what argument took place between this couple and what would you do in such a situation?

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I can’t believe I’m here posting this but I’m starting to feel awful over it so maybe you guys can help.

I(36f) had to take my child(11) to camp last week. We left on a Friday and returned home this last Friday. My husband(38m) was not able to get the time off of work so he stayed home. This is not new for us, typically we switch years on which parent take time off to go. This is our last year for parents to attend.

Before I left, I cleaned the house, made a few freezer meals(I don’t trust him in the kitchen as he can’t cook to save his life, not a problem for me) and generally just wanted to make things easier as he was going to pick up a lot of over time while we were gone. No big deal and yes, he normally takes on 50% of the chores. The only thing extra he had to do was water my garden and send a package out for me.

Well, we went to camp. It was a blast but I was so ready to be home after. When we got home Friday evening, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The house was a wreck. I honestly don’t know how it got to that level in a week. He hadn’t done a single thing while we were gone. My garden hadn’t been watered, the package hadn’t been sent, the living room and kitchen looked like a hurricane had gone through.

I was beyond mad and packed our child and me some clean clothes and checked into a hotel. When my husband got home he messaged asking where we were. I told him a hotel and that we were staying until the house was back to how I had left it. He complained saying it wasn’t that bad and he needed help to clean half of it because that was our jobs. I told him I didn’t make half the mess so I wasn’t cleaning it. It quickly devolved into a huge fight where he thinks I’m the Jerk for not doing my half of the chores when I got home. I need some advice on if I’m wrong here? Do any other husbands do this? 

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