“I didn’t invite my brother to my wedding is because I was worried he’d steal my now wife just like he stole the first one”

Weddings are fun when you’re involved with people you love. Read the story to know why the groom didn’t invite his brother for the wedding and let us know what are your thoughts about it.

Source: Reddit

I (M30) got married 2 weeks ago. I was married before but it ended after I found out that my older brother Thomas (M34) got involved with my first wife. It was devastating because we were close and had a great relationship. I also helped him so much while he was struggling and seeing how he repaid me hurts to this very day.

I stopped talking to him and Mom and dad forced me to keep it a secret and because I was too weak to argue with them, I just kept my own distance.

Then I met my now wife. My family loved and embraced her as their own. Mom and dad treat her like a queen which helped repair and solidified my relationship with them. However, as the wedding was approaching they told me they expected me to invite Thomas. I of course refused but they kept guilting me about what the relatives and other guests would think and say when they didn’t see Thomas there. I fought with them about it until the day of the wedding. Turned out they’d invited him behind my back but I found out and stopped them in time.

They came to the wedding looking pissed, asking what we were going to tell people when they asked about Thomas. I told them I’d take care of it. and what I did was take a moment while everyone was paying attention, grabbed the mic and flatout announced this and said “the reason I didn’t invite Thomas to my wedding is because I was worried he’d steal my now wife just like he stole the first one” I said it playfully to not make it sound so tense but most of the guests looked shocked and started mumbling then it went awkwardly quiet for a moment. Then we moved on but I saw Mom and Dad walk out while looking at me grudgingly.

Later they started lashing out about how I just exposed Thomas and caused him to be shunned by the family in the most hideous of ways. I told them that I already said I didn’t want him there yet they tried to push him on me repeatedly saying “what are people going to say” so I told them the reason why he wasn’t there in a playful way but they (the guests) still got the message. Mom started yelling about how everyone will now look down on and shun Thomas, she called me pathetic and cruel for still punishing him and gradually ruining his life despite him apologizing and trying to reconcile but in my opinion? some things are just unforgivable. We’ve been on horrible terms since then. Did I go too far here? 

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