“I Don’t Want To Disappoint Dad”: Woman Finds Out Why Her Son Didn’t Eat Cake At His Birthday, Says It’s A Wake-Up Call.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a birthday celebration is the cake. Everyone enjoys a good birthday cake, but for children, it’s generally one of the highlights of the celebration. So when an 11-year-old child refused to eat his birthday cake for fear of upsetting his father, his mother grew quite anxious. Read the story below to see why the woman was concerned about how her spouse has influenced her son’s relationship with food.

Source: Reddit

My husband is very conscious of fitness and appearance. I haven’t seen him eat a bite of cake since our wedding. He exercises religiously.

My husband expects our oldest son to be just like him. He’s named after him and my husband sees him as his mini me. My husband loves him but his love can be tough.

He just had his 12th birthday. And I had a wake up call.

He only ate two small bites of his cake. I asked what was wrong and why he wasn’t eating it. He told me “I don’t want to disappoint dad”.

I asked my husband to tell him it was okay to eat it. He said “why would I do that? I’m not eating it so why would I encourage my son to? He tasted it, he’s fine”

Our son should enjoy his childhood. I don’t want him to be afraid to have a piece of cake on his birthday.

I saw him watching his little brother eat it and he looked so sad. Even when he opened his presents, I could tell he was masking sadness.

My heart is breaking for my poor child. I see now how much my husband’s behavior has affected him.

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