“I Fathered A Child For My High School Sweetheart And Her Lesbian Wife.”

Source: Reddit

I am a 40 year old male. My ex gf from high school has been married for years to her wife and they approached me about being a sperm donor. I had just broken up with my gf and really gave it some deep thought. I’ve been close to her since high school and we even thought about giving it another try about 5 years ago but it didn’t pan out. I broke up with my girlfriend at the time and during that time is when I went to my exs house and we tried on two different occasions to inseminate at home with an at home kit they had purchased. I had read that it’s illegal in some states but we tried it anyway and well it worked. Her wife was pregnant with a boy and she gave birth a year ago today.

He looks like me and her wife obviously but I guess it just feels different now that I know he’s out there. They have offered for me to see him in person. They said I’d be considered an “uncle” to the child until he asks more about his father in the future. My family would be pissed and so would alot of people on both sides if they knew but I just have a good feeling about it and he seems to be very happy.

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