I Kissed My Daughter’s Friend’s Mom And I’m Really Happy About It.

A beautiful story of a single dad who expresses his small happy moment in his life. Love is indeed a sweet fun emotion. (Thanks Austin for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit

My daughter is 6 and she met her new BFF at the start of the school year. Her mom is a very nice lady. They don’t live far either so we have invited them over a lot. It’s became a regular thing for the past 2 months to have them over every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. Either we take the girls out somewhere fun or we stay in watching movies, do other activities. I spend lots of time alone with her. We can talk for hours about anything and next thing we know time has flown by. Then the butterflies in my stomach and the blushing every time she smiled started hitting me.

I’ve been a full time single dad for 3 years since my ex decided to walk out on our daughter. So dating has never been on my mind. They spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with us which led to them staying all weekend. The girls fell asleep on the couch watching Encanto and it was me and her up for another hour chatting. Had a little bit of wine in me so ofc I blurt out that she looks beautiful right now. Randomly, out of nowhere 😅. In the end we kissed though so looks like it worked out for me.

My heart was racing so fast, I’m pretty sure my whole face was red as hell because it felt so warm suddenly lol. We were both smiling like total idiots. Before they left earlier she kissed my cheek and man I just wanted to pull her in. It’s my first kiss in years, with someone I feel really connected to. It’s just been a really great weekend. Very very happy 😊

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