I Lost It When This Dog Talked About Getting Wet…Completely lost it. LOL

You ever wonder what dogs think when they get wet? In this video, this little dog’s physical expressions of exasperation and frustration get translated by a guy who clearly understood what the small thing was saying. Needless to say, he did not like getting wet (obvious for a bath).
He starts out asking why his owner would do that to him, and then denying he needed a bath, and then threatening to take his owner, and then backing off.
And then, right in the middle, he gripes about his wet butt, and questions his owner’s motives, and finally talks about getting another dog. Finally, he decides to ‘share’ his wetness, and shakes his body to get the water all over the house.
Clearly, dogs are gigantic, coddled babies, who have no business telling their owners what to do. Well, assuming this translation is correct, and I think it is.

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