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‘I Love Lucy’ star Desi Arnaz got sober a year before his death with help of his son: ‘It was a big hurdle for him’

While Desi Arnaz was a talented performer, his kids, particularly his daughter Lucie, believe that the finest thing dad ever did was become sober.

Even though he achieved sobriety at the end of his life, it was a crowning achievement.

Desi and Lucille Balle’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz, explained how the Cuban-American accomplished such a difficult undertaking. In a documentary due to be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video, the now 70-year-old star of the 1950s comedy I Love Lucy discussed her parents and their relationship.

Stories in the documentary, which uses historical film and audio, demonstrate how Desi’s drinking affected his relationships, particularly his marriage to Lucy.

He was like Jekyll and Hyde, Lucille Ball remarked in Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. He drank, gambled, and hung around with other women. It was always the same – alcohol and women. She predicted it and was constantly expecting that things will improve. However, Desi’s nature is destructive.

The pair, who had two kids at the time, divorced in 1960, twenty years after their wedding.

Ball said Arnaz was abusive to her and gave her painful emotional torment.

They both remarried after their divorce. Ball married Gary Morton, who didn’t drink as much as Desi, and Desi married Edith Hirsch, dubbed “Lucy 2” by many.

But, even as they each began a new life with a new partner, Desi still had problems to battle. He remained an alcoholic.

For a long period, he avoided entering into AA or any programme. They don’t air their dirty linen in public; he despised that aspect. But after his wife Edy died, he eventually did, Lucie stated.

Desi Jr., Desi and Lucille’s son, eventually persuaded his dad to get therapy.

She was standing right next to him when he stood up and announced, ‘My name is Desi, and I’m an alcoholic.’ Sitting next to him and hearing him do it was the finest moment of her life, Lucie adds. Since it was difficult for him. It’s difficult for everyone, but it was very difficult for him.

Sadly, soon after Desi began his sober journey, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died on December 2, 1986.

I had no idea Desi was like this! I’m delighted he finally got sober, but it’s too bad he died so soon after starting his healing path.

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