‘I married my man via Zoom without meeting him – three months later my world imploded’

Ayse Reeves cried with joy as she watched her American lover propose through Zoom, thinking all of her fantasies had come true. Despite never seeing Darrin Martin, she’d fallen head over heels in love with the 24-year-old after building up an online acquaintance with him during lockdown.

Despite worldwide constraints preventing them from going down the aisle, they officially married over the Internet, crowning the 26-year-old NHS cleaner from Lancaster Britain’s first Zoom bride. Her tale went viral and made headlines all around the world, however things have taken a tragic turn.

Ayse was distraught when she realized he was playing with an ex only weeks after saying “I do” to manufacturing worker Darrin from Michigan. She is now attempting to dissolve their marriage. She expressed that it wasn’t the storybook ending she had dreamed for.

She first suspected Darrin was seeing someone else last year. She had a feeling something was up, but everytime she asked him, he refused anything was wrong.

Ayse then discovered he had an ex-girlfriend named Liz. After she contacted Liz, she messaged Ayse on Facebook and said, ‘Yes, I’m sleeping with your husband, and we’re together.’

She then questioned them if they’re together or not since, but was told one thing and then found out the contrary on their social media profiles.

Ayse has now requested an annulment, alleging “non-consummation” as the grounds for the marriage’s dissolution. Furthermore, because Darrin is in the United States and Ayse is in the United Kingdom, the necessary paperwork to end their marriage is taking weeks to come.

It was reported last year that Ayse agreed to marry Darrin before ever meeting him.

Ayse stated at the time, nobody expected this when they first started chatting last year. But they married, and everything is legal and legitimate. It’s still hard for them to believe.

During the epidemic, Ayse joined a Facebook community intended towards matching pen pals from all around the world. They started talking during the first lockdown and married in November 2020.

They would fall asleep while video-calling one another to feel closer, and Ayse had a stuffed doll manufactured in the shape of Darrin so they could “be together.”

Darrin planned a “special date night” in May of last year, during which he proposed – after first obtaining her father’s consent.

Because Covid regulations prevented them from meeting in person, they married last year through Zoom in a legal ceremony held in Utah. She stated that her friends and relatives thought the wedding was hasty and that they should have waited.

Friends are organizing a divorce celebration for Ayse once her paperwork is completed. Ayse added that they don’t want to celebrate the wedding and marriage being ended; they want to celebrate getting through it and moving on.

She has a tattoo of his poems on her forearm that she wants to cover up. When that’s done and the paperwork is completed, she will feel like she can start over. Ayse is no longer interested in dating as a result of her ordeal, and she is content to be single for the time being.

She explained she just doesn’t feel ready. She needs some time to think about what transpired. It has had a significant impact on her and how she trusts others. She just wants to enjoy being alone. Being with Darrin implied spending all of her time waiting to talk to him, and she didn’t have time for herself.

She doesn’t want to paint him as this horrible person. She is aware that she wasn’t ideal. We experienced typical relationship squabbles and ups and downs. But what stung the most was that they had overcome so many barriers to be hitched.

She tried again to make things work because she didn’t want to be 26 and divorced, but she couldn’t trust him. She had to put her own sentiments first, despite the fact that he had attempted to get them back together a few times.

According to Ayse, the breakup put her in a “very horrible position” emotionally. She confessed that obviously, she was heartbroken. She had planned her life and invested so much in her marriage and making it work that it seemed like her entire world had been ripped from beneath her and she didn’t know what to do with herself. She was disoriented.

She is in a completely different mindset six months later. She has spent the previous several months recovering, and she is looking forward to going on excursions and spending time with friends.

She had isolated herself for a time, but at present she is content and lives her life for herself. She can’t thank her friends and family enough for their encouragement. She is certain most individuals might say they could see it coming in terms of it not working out, and she can see why they would believe so.

But she was in love and wanted to be with this man forever at the moment, and would have done everything to make that happen.

She thinks that everything occurs for a reason, and this was clearly not the correct road for her. She knows she’ll meet the ideal person for her, but this time they’ll be in the UK, and she won’t be dating anybody online again.”

Darrin acknowledged his new relationship, but expressed hope that he and Ayse will stay friends. He added that he is sorry to see it stop, but the distance was simply too much for him, and it took a toll.

He is delighted they are still friends, and she hopes she’s happy and healthy. He is reconnected with her first love and renewed things, so he believed this would be simpler for them both.

He expressed that Ayse is an amazing girl, so anyone she ends up with better be kind. He still likes talking to her when they get the opportunity.

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