“I Never Wanted Kids And Planned To Leave My GF After She Became The Legal Guardian Of Her Nephew. I Stayed And I’m So Glad I Did.”

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I (33m) never wanted a child, same with my now wife Vera (32). We’ve started dating in college and we planned to stay childless, we agreed that we’re better off without kids.

10 years ago, Vera and I have been together for two years and we lived in a small apartment in a big city. That was the life she and I both wanted. I got home from work one night and I found Vera crying in the kitchen. She explained to me that her borther and SIL died in a car accident. She had no other relatives in the country so it was now up to her to take care of her seven years old nephew Luiz.

She was devastated and so was I. We moved into her brother’s house in the suburbs with Luiz. I remember the first night there, sitting there in the living room with a bottle of beer thinking of ways of how can I flee this situation. I decided that the best way was to stay until things settle down. Vera started to see a therapist with her grief and I could tell that she was fully aware of my plan.

Before I knew, I was helping Luiz with his homework, kicking the ball outside with him or taking him out to see a movie or just to eat somewhere while her aunt was at her therapist.

One night he and I stayed up late watching a movie and he fell asleep next to me on the couch. I carried him upstairs to his room. I stayed there for a few minutes watching him sleep with tears flowing down my cheeks because I couldn’t believe that I ever planned to leave this all behind.

I proposed to Vera within a year and legally adopted Luiz after we were married. Since then we surprised him with two younger siblings.

My wife and I went from never wanting kids to having three. My son will start college next September and I’m horrified to let him out on his own.

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