‘I served food cooked with pork fat to my vegetarian friends – they’re furious’

Respecting one’s opinion is important. Be it views on fashion, work, religion, political views and even FOOD. Read this story to know why his friends were upset with him and let us know what you think about this.

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My best friend and her family went vegetarian about two years ago. This is strictly for health reasons, not religion or morals/activism. They were already super healthy in their eating and activity habits, but decided to cut out meat to take it even further. They eat the occasional chicken or fish on rare occasions but 99% of their diet now is vegetarian.

Any time we host them I have made sure there are good vegetarian options or that everything is vegetarian, depending on who else is there. We had a cinco de mayo party tonight with them and some other friends that we hosted. Her family were the only vegetarians in attendance, 4/10 people.

I made a taco bar because it would be very easy to do a plant protein, meat protein, and everything else is naturally vegetarian. I chose to slow cook a pork shoulder for carnitas as the meat topping. One of the other items included in the bar was black beans. I have always cooked my beans with some sort of meat for flavor. Today I decided to leave the meat out for the vegetarians, but I did use some fat from the pork shoulder to saute the onions and garlic that got mixed into the beans.

I understand that this technically made the beans non-vegetarian since there was an animal product in it, but I figured since it was such a small component of the dish that it really wouldn’t matter based on my friend’s reason for being vegetarian. Health-wise, animal fat and plant fats have roughly the same macros, and it was only a couple tablespoons in the entire pot.

Cut to dinner. Everyone was having a great time, and ate a lot, including everyone having some of the beans. Afterward one of my friends and I were chatting. She was raving about the beans and asked how I had made them. I told her exactly how and my best friend who was nearby turned to me and said “wait there was pork in the beans?”

I said it was just a bit of the fat for sauteing the onions and garlic but she got pissed and said “you know my family is vegetarian, why would you trick us like that?” I tried to explain my thought process and that I wasn’t trying to be malicious, I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal but she wasn’t having it. They left pretty quick after that. So, I’m in the middle of a shitstorm and need some advice on if I’m wrong. What are your opinions?

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