I spent $4.9k on new teeth in Turkey – now I’m trolled because they’re massive

Kellie Swanton, 27, from Hertfordshire has been left shocked after flying to Turkey and paying a huge sum of £4,000 on her teeth, to only find herself being trolled because of their size.  

Kellie, a business owner, after years of hounding, forked out £4,000 on the fresh teeth but says she has been trolled even more because of the large size of her new white teeth.

She decided to go to Turkey in February for almost a week after studying different dentists and used some of her funds for the process.

Kellie says while recording her journey online that she has been trolled about her fresh teeth as people says that they look like as if they belong to a horse. She has been told that her new teeth are not in a good shape and don’t fit in her mouth correctly. People even said that she should get her money back as it seems that her teeth are too big in size and they are going to fall out.

She just done up filtering the remarks in the end as she feel that if you let folks to remark hatred, you actually give them the stage to do so, so she just took their chance away to spread the animosity.

There have been 73K likes and more than a million views on the video and her mobile phone was constantly buzzing. Kellie said that she just anticipated her grandmother to put a like on the post and that would be it and she didn’t think it to go viral.

She says that she also had quite a few people telling her that they loved her new teeth and says that is being actually encouraging.  

Kellie says she has fought with her teeth ever since she was a kid. She added that her teeth have never been good and she inherited this from her family. She was subject to mistreatment at school for a long period of time. When she was 12, she got braces but they did not succeed.

She told that she got 10 ceramic crowns on the top set of teeth and similar numbers on the bottom set. During the procedure, she also had root canals done in Turkey.

Kellie sought to document her overall experience for people who are thinking about doing the same thing and she found that TikTok helped her a lot in determining what to get.  

Kellie has now turned out to be a lot more poised with her smile after the 3 day process. She is getting wedded later this year and didn’t want to look back at her nuptials photographs with guilt and hide from the camera.

She added that largely it took 3 days and she expended a lot more time than she believed relishing her holiday rather than giving most of her time at the dentist’s clinic.

Describing her journey, she said that on the first day, her teeth were filed down and were prepped ready. She also had root canal treatment as well as whitening and scaling done. Next, the dentist fitted two arrays of provisional teeth which were like false clip in teeth that she sported for two days whereas the crowns were being made from the moulds taken.

She continued and said that the second trip was then when she had the ceramic crowns fixed and the concluding trip was just a check up to assured they were in place properly.

Kellie said that she just can’t understand how folks were giving their bad thoughts. She added that people don’t think how it would impact others and they have to control over how they respond to other peoples remarks.

This is not somewhat first-hand for her as she had a awful time at school but now being mature and a lot wiser, she handle with things like this in a different way now. She doesn’t reply with anger or hatred, but said that people certainly have healthier things to do than give their undesirable thoughts.

She added that it could have harshly broken her but you either let it disrupt you or let it make you tougher.

Kellie concluded with a faith that she can benefit people who are also subject to online exploitation. She wants them to recognize that the tormenter’s remarks do not describe them and don’t let their remarks turn out to be the axis of their life.

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